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Find a Perfect and Affordable Family Vacation this Winter

Travel is an incredibly rewarding thing to do with your family but the expenses can add up, one you’ve multiplied the cost of those hotel beds, dinners and ice creams! That said, it is entirely possible to have a fantastic vacation on relatively little money, especially as there’s an abundance of late deals to take advantage of at the moment.

Whether you bag some cheap flights to your ideal destination or pile your family into the car for an adventure this winter, here are three great getaway options for families traveling on a budget:

Family Camps

Family camps are a great holiday option, and not just for the summer. Retreat to a woodland cabin and play in the snow, without the pricey amenities of a ski holiday. There are a range of activities for kids, meals are available and there is plenty of wildlife to watch, learn about and maybe even interact with.

Try Colorado for remote camps in the forest, against the backdrop of the mighty Rocky Mountains. With miles of hiking trails, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and facilities such as indoor pools and climbing walls, there will be something for every member of your brood.

Visit a Working Farm

Family farming has become more and more popular in recent years. Parents and children alike relish the tactile and educational experiences of farm life and love nothing more than waking early to collect eggs for breakfast before a day’s work. The experience of a farm holiday is educational and enjoyable, a rare combination for the whole family.

Head to the rural idyll of New Hampshire for a lovely winter getaway, where kids can learn to ice skate in winter and families can take idyllic sleigh rides through the countryside. Rates with farm stays often include meals as well as activities so your holiday costs are free from unexpected add-ons.


There are endless benefits to all-inclusive family vacations. Cruises include the cost of accommodation, food, entertainment and exploration in one reasonable price making them a perfect and affordable family holiday. You can depart from a range of cities across America which are all easily accessible via cheap flights. With fairly local itineraries around Hawaii and southern resorts of Florida to further afield around Caribbean favourites such as Barbados, Dominican Republic and St Lucia, families can snag a great deal by traveling in shoulder season months like November or January.

What’s more, cruises can easily accommodate multi-generational family groups, with myriad activities to suit all age ranges and interests, from games rooms for teens, surfing lessons for youngsters and wine-tasting for adults after the kids have gone to bed!

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