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“Funny Things Kids Say: Smelling/Tasting Activity”

If you asked your child to close their eyes, smell coffee beans and describe what it is they are smelling, what do you think they would say? Some of the answers would surprise you!

Children are hilarious and also extremely adorable. When my child’s preschool teacher recently did a fun smell/taste activity with the children, I couldn’t help but want to share their answers with you.

Grab a handful of items that can be tasted/smelled. Make sure the child cannot see the item when guessing. Write down their guesses. The teacher gave the children 3 guesses for each item.

The Items & The Guesses

Mint: Lettuce, Broccoli, Coleslaw

Coffee: Dirt (this was a popular guess), Coffee, Cheese

Oreo: Chocolate

Cinnamon Stick: Pen, Stick, Granola Bar, Vanilla

Pepper: Dirt, Spice, Pepper, Coffee

Dryer Sheet (for laundry): Pencil, Sunscreen, Sand

Scented Cinnamon Candle: Spice

Perfume: Pepperoni, Spice, Plate, Candy, Plastic

Pizza Goldfish: Goldfish, Pizza

Sunscreen: Vanilla Yogurt

Vanilla Bean: Candy, Radish (that would be my child’s answer… radish? Really?)

For fun, you can even do this with your kids and write down their answers. Feel free to share them with us on facebook or in a comment below, we would love to see.




  • Modern Day Moms on May 9, 2012

    Radish gets me every time.


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