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Gig Salad Makes Birthdays (and other events) Easier

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to plan a birthday party for your children. On top of the hassle of a guest list (which is often more envied than celebrity events), making sure to include all their best friends and bestest best friends from school, you have to worry about the cake and refreshments, presents, fun decorations, even takeaway bags of treats. Once you’ve got all that figured out, you still need entertainment! And that’s where Gig Salad comes in.

With more than 20,000 member-entertainers across the US and Canada, Gig Salad lets you browse local entertainers in your area, whether you need a face painter in Fargo, a cover band in Cleveland, or even a juggler in Joplin, and view photos and videos of their performances, read real customer reviews, and communicate directly with the performer through the website. And because it takes more than entertainment to make a great party, Gig Salad also has a wealth of event service providers, from tent rentals to catering companies, even traveling petting zoos for parties, bounce house rentals and carnival games.

Although there are many other “listing” sites across the internet, Gig Salad sets themselves apart with a few key distinctions. First and foremost, they don’t charge any commissions for gigs booked through the site, so you can negotiate your own price with the performer without worrying about percentages and minimum booking fees. By working with local entertainers, and being able to browse the site based on distance from you, professional event planners and parents (the unheralded superhero event planners) are able to keep entertainment costs well within their budget. Gig Salad will also help you book local entertainment if you’re not sure who – or even what – you are looking for. By using the “Quick Quote” option, you can enter your event details and Gig Salad takes over, sending your request out to a handful of performers in your area. And because Gig Salad offers a free membership (in addition to upgraded memberships for more features), performers can charge less without having to recoup the cost of their listing.

For first-time parents, or even first-time entertainment bookers, Gig Salad has a number of party ideas and suggestions based upon the most popular searches and input from professional event planners across the country. Not sure what you might need to have a great party for your toddler and their friends? Gig Salad has tips and a checklist you can work from to make sure you don’t miss a beat. With all your time parenting, did you forget that you signed up to be on the high school reunion committee ten years ago? Gig Salad has you covered there, too, with great advice on how to make the reunion go off without any more of a hitch than you would expect, having all those people in a room again for the first time in a decade. And if you’re like the rest of us and always on the go, they also have a free iPhone app so you can explore anywhere.

If you’re ready to throw the biggest party of your child’s life, or simply just looking to add some flair to the day with children’s entertainment, take a look at what is available in your area on Gig Salad. And if you’ve got a hidden (or not-so-hidden) talent and you’ve always wanted to give it a try with some local gigs, sign up as an entertainer and start wowing your own crowds! You can find it all at, and be sure to Like them on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

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