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Cool Kid Tech: Aerial7 Children’s Headphones

As a parent, you’re always concerned for the well-being and safety of your children- although your kids may not always see it that way. Early bedtimes, eating enough veggies, and limiting television all make the list, and now, the volume of their iPods will no longer be an issue. The concern over child hearing loss due to blaring mp3 devices has made its rightful way across the mommy blogosphere, even covered by The New York Times’ The Motherlode.

Aerial7 Headphones has just released their latest design, the ARCADE, a series of colorful children’s headphones with revolutionary built-in Automatic Volume Reduction (AVR) technology. The ARCADE was also awarded the 2012 PTPA (Parent Tested, Parent Approved) Winner’s Seal of Approval. With this technology, parents can rest assure that the volume never exceeds 85 decibels, the maximum recommended by the OSHA for children’s ears. If at anytime the volume is bumped up too loud, the headphones will automatically turn them down to a safe listening level. The headphones also feature extra comfy ear pads that block out external noise, further lessening the incentive to turn up the volume.

Kids will be drawn to the bright colorful patterns and child-friendly fit. Kids can now safely rock out in style. ARCADE headphones retail for $35 at Toys ‘r’ Us stores nationwide.

We loved these headphones and felt comfortable handing them over to our little kiddo. The fact that these are over-the-ear headphones make it easier for younger kids to put on and take off. They work great to make sure the music isn’t too loud and that your child isn’t blowing out their eardrums while listening to Bieber.

One thing to mention is the fact that these headphones do not work without batteries. Make sure you stock up. Also, you may want to keep in mind the fact that these do not work without headphones and they would be what I consider a “battery hog.”

Disclaimer: We received a pair of headphones to review. All opinions are our own.

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