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Halloween Treats: Rat Bites

As Halloween approaches, FamilyFun magazine has the perfect, no-so-scary snacks for you and your family to enjoy. From paranormal pretzels (delicious yogurt covered pretzels) to rat bites (chocolate frosted cake doughnuts), FamilyFun has Halloween treats covered and we will be featuring them this week. Today’s treat is Rat Bites.

These treats, cleverly constructed from halved donuts, will provoke shivers of fright and squeals of delight. For each rat, trim half a cake doughnut as shown. Freeze it for a few hours, then cover it with chocolate frosting, working on cut surfaces first (skip the bottom), then the uncut areas. Drag a plastic fork through the frosting for a furry look. Using a pair of tweezers, add a sugar pearl for a nose, then insert sprinkles as whiskers. Attach chocolate-covered sunflower seeds for eyes and sliced almonds for ears. With a skewer, poke a hole for the tail, then insert an 8-inch length of licorice lace.

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