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Have Sporty Kids? MyKidsCalendar for Coachs & Parents

MyKidsCalendar Streamlines Communications and Scheduling for Coaches and Parents During Spring Sports Season

The spring sports season is upon us. Kids’ schedules are crazier than ever these days, especially those on competitive travel and select teams. MyKidsCalendar is a new tool that helps coaches and parents schedule and communicate more efficiently and effectively. The service was designed by youth sports coaches and parents who were frustrated with the lack of a quality tool for building and maintaining sports schedules, and, more importantly, for communicating rapidly changing in-season information efficiently with parents. MyKidsCalendar provides a central location for coaches and parents to share information and communicate easily and quickly.

For Parents:

MyKidsCalendar allows you to combine all children’s s various sports and activities scheduled into one online calendar that can be accessed quickly. The site will even allow parents to add their own personal appointments for added convenience. With one click, you can get directions to the game or location, view details of the event, contact the coach with a question, and any other important information.

For Coaches:

MyKidsCalendar streamlines the communication and scheduling process and eliminates wasted time. No more trips to the copy machine, making endless phone calls to parents and answering emails from parents with questions. All you need to communicate with parents is all one place.

“With one click of the mouse, coaches can add practices, games, meetings, pizza parties, training sessions, tournaments – anything you need,” says MyKidsCalendar Founder, Jeff Hill. “Parents will get notifications about upcoming events via email or text and can keep their kid on schedule – in one convenient place. We are so confident that coaches and parents will love this tool that we are offering coaches a 30 day free trial and for parents, our service is always free. ”

Service Highlights:

Track how frequently parents are logging on and checking their schedules

Track which parents have read the posts and emails you’ve sent through MyKidsCalendar

Logs which emails and texts have been sent, when they were sent, and to which parents

Integrated sign-up sheet for managing car pools, post-game snacks, and other volunteer activities

Track attendance for upcoming events through the system

Record the time and date you added or changed an event, avoiding misunderstandings

MKC-ad, an program in which your organization can sell the ad space on the emails you send through MyKidsCalendar, actually turning a “profit” for your organization

About MyKidsCalendar:

MyKidsCalendar, LLC is a privately owned company headquartered in northwest New Jersey. The service was designed by youth sports coaches and parents frustrated with existing tools for building and maintaining sports schedules, and for communicating efficiently with parents. In the experience of the designers, the primary use for team and league websites is for scheduling and contact information and for directions to practices and games, so we’ve built a system that has taken the most used elements of the typical youth sports website, and provided a central location for coaches and parents.

For more information, visit

Note: Site Offers Trial Special of 30 Days Free For Coaches and Teams – Always Free for Parents

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