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“10 Ways to Benefit from Essential Oils”

1. In The Bath

Add 5 to 10 drops in a tub of warm water. Fill tub, add oils, swish to disperse in the water. As one site suggests, you might try adding the oils to a spoonful of honey, a small cup of milk or cream, or to your favorite carrier oil, and then adding to the water.

2. Laundry (including cloth diapers)

Essential Oils may be added to the washing machine, or a few drops put on a cotton cloth and added to the dryer. If using in the washer, you need to be careful about possible damage to plastic or hard rubber parts.

– Adding a teaspoon of Lemon Oil to the washer will remove greasy/oily smells.

– Research indicates that adding Eucalyptus Globulous to the washing machine MAY kill dust mites in bedding.

– Lavender Essential Oil in the dryer can scent bed linens.

– To really preserve the scent of EO’s used in the dryer, add them and run on a ‘no heat’ cycle for a few minutes at the end of the drying cycle.

3. Homemade Soap

Here’s a great tutorial on homemade soap and using essential oils with it.

4. In Lotion

Use up to 15 drops of Essential Oil to your chosen unscented cream or lotion.

5. Dishes

Lemon Oil is a great grease cutter; I add a few drops to the dish pan.

Use Lemon or Grapefruit EO, possibly with a touch of Tea Tree oil added, in the water you clean with. Wipe down kitchen counters and your bathroom with these cleansing, germicidal oils.

Lemon Oil in water does a great job cleaning the bathroom, the mirrors, as well as all the fixtures.

Here are 5 more ideas on how you can benefit from essential oils:

6. Aromatherapy Diffuser (here are some details about them and some of my favorites)
7. Tea Tree Oil helps dry scalp, prevent lice
8. Homemade Diaper Solution
9. General Cleaning (great for sponges, wiping off counters)
10. Potpourri




  • Modern Day Moms on March 22, 2012

    I found sweet orange EO at Whole Foods the other day for $2!


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