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Home Renovation Trends for 2018

Before looking for a home renovation contractor such as an HVAC contractor, you should research the latest trends in the home improvement world.

Here are the latest trends in home renovation:

Waterfall Countertops

This countertop is characterized by sleek lines that make it look stylish. You should choose this countertop if you want to mask cabinetry under the island. The materials of choice for waterfall countertops are marble, quartz, and granite. Not only will this trend add some style to your kitchen but it will also create a seamless flow of materials from top to bottom.

Patterned, Colorful Bathroom Floor Tiles

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, you should try to infuse some color where you can. Patterned and colorful bathroom floor tiles make the room appear modern and chic. Tile comes in a number of different patterns and colors. Even if you opt for a modest installation, it can yield a big payoff in the aesthetics department. If you want to show the tiles in the most flattering way, check here for unique light fixtures.

Sliding Interior Doors

Most homeowners are getting rid of traditional hinged doors and installing sliding doors in their place. Whether the doors slide outside or inside the walls, they will add some amazing functionality while drawing a flexible boundary between rooms and lessening privacy concerns. Moreover, sliding doors come in a number of materials ranging from stainless steel to glass.

Shared Bathrooms

Does your bathroom have enough room to fit two people in it at the same time? In a shared bathroom space, two people can move around freely without getting in each other’s way. Whether you gain the free space by installing separate dressing areas, toilets, vanities, or double sinks, any additional room will be a luxury.

Wall-Turned Peninsula

In the last decade, all homeowners who love open floor plans have been getting rid of kitchen walls. However, more people are starting to turn the offending wall into a peninsula to add counter space and provide a new eating area with room for stools. If you do this, you will add some functionality to the wall without having to tear it down.

Panel-Ready Fridges

Increasingly more homeowners are hiding their fridges using cabinet panels for a custom and seamless look that lies flush will their kitchen cabinets. With this kind of panel-ready refrigerator, you do not have to compromise on style when buying a fridge.

Skim Coating

Instead of starting from scratch when getting rid of a bad taping job or knocking down a wall that is uneven, you can opt to apply thin layers of a joint compound that will make your wall look as good as new. Skim coating is also the perfect way to lay a foundation for wallpaper installation by giving your walls a facelift.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

In the last few years, more homeowners have started experimenting with bold and colorful kitchen cabinetry. With playful shades such as indigo, cornflower, and royal, blue is in high demand. Whether you live in an urban setting or sunny climate, blue cabinetry will look classy.

Adding Creature Comforts

Efficiency and comfort are the biggest motivators in home renovation this year. Whether you want to add soundproofing to shared apartment walls or trade your window air-conditioning for a central system, creature comforts will make a big difference in how you experience your home.

When it comes to home renovation, you need to follow the current trends if you want to find a buyer for your home quickly. Giving your kitchen or bathroom a trendy makeover will increase the value of your home significantly.

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