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Your Child Was Asked To Be A Junior Bridesmaid, Now What?

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Junior Bridesmaids: Which Roles Do They Play?

Do you have a daughter or niece that is too young to be a bridesmaid and too old to be a flower girl? You can make her into a junior bridesmaid if you want to make sure that she is included in the wedding. What roles will she play?

Here are the different roles that a junior bridesmaid can play at your wedding:

Wedding Planning

If you want the bridal party to be present when you meet the vendors, you should invite your junior bridesmaid. The young girl will enjoy cake tasting and she will probably enjoy dress shopping from sites such as Also, when you are looking for a dessert vendor such as, she can help you to choose the right one.

Ask your maid of honor to include the junior bridesmaid in the wedding planning activities so that she does not feel left out of anything. This means that she can tag along for d cor shopping and help you to choose party favors.

The Bachelorette Party

Although most people will agree that a bachelorette party is the last place a young girl should be, you can include her in other ways. For instance, if you are having an age-appropriate pre-party dinner, you should invite her. Make sure that you remind the adults to behave well until the bachelorette party kicks off.

Bridal Shower

You should invite the junior bridesmaid to the bridal shower because she would love to feel included. She can help you to set up and clean after the shower ends. Your maid of honor should extend an invitation early enough so that she can prepare. If she is too young to come alone, you should invite her mom as well.

The Ceremony

You can ask your junior bridesmaid to help the ushers in getting the guests settled. However, this task will depend on the comfort level that the little girl has. Most brides wonder if an older man should escort such a young bridesmaid down the aisle. However, if she does not think that it is strange, you should not turn it into something weird.

If she is slightly uncomfortable walking alongside an older man, you should find someone who is closer to her age. Moreover, if she wants to walk solo, let her do it.

The Reception

The junior bridesmaid has the responsibility of giving out send off favors or programs to the guests. You should have a bottle of sparkling cider nearby so that she can toast to your wedding along with everyone else. You should also include her in the bridal party dances.

What Should Junior Bridesmaids Wear?

If you have opted for very grown-up and sexy bridesmaid dresses, you should choose another style for your junior bridesmaid. Most dress designers have adult and junior lines, which makes it easier for you to choose. Keep in mind that most little girls between the ages of 9 and 14 are yet to undergo their growth spurts, which means the dress that you choose might not fit.

You need to schedule the dress fitting to be as close to the wedding as possible. This way, you will not opt for a dress that refuses to fit on the big day. Make sure that you include the little girl in every aspect of choosing her dress because she is the one who will be wearing it; you just have to select a color.

Remember that a junior bridesmaid is not under any obligation to perform any of these duties. Her main role is to have fun, be a child, and feel included in your wedding activities.

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