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Hot Cherry® Therapeutic Pillows

After a stressful day or a hard workout, we could all use a simple way ease pain and relax. Introducing the Hot Cherry Pillow, the new therapeutic aid that uses moist heat to instantly alleviate sore muscles and joints, increase circulation and dissolve stress. When heated, the pillow smells just like fresh cherry pie! It can also be put in the freezer to cool hot flashes, reduce inflammation and soothe injuries. Visit

American-made and 100% sustainable, Hot Cherry Pillows use real cherry pits that are encased in a durable, natural-dyed jean fabric. Available in five different sizes, they make wonderful holiday gifts. Give it to your daughter to help ease cramps, your grandmother to warm her cold feet, your stressed colleague to loosen her tense shoulders, or anyone else in need of a little TLC. Hot Cherry Pillows range in price from $20 – $55.

This unique and sleek looking pillow is just what the doctor ordered after a long workout, or a run that leaves my legs aching. With the ability to warm it in the microwave, or cool it in the freezer, this pillow is perfect for the someone with sore and achy muscles, sports injuries, or just to help you wind down after a grueling day. Super easy to use, versatile and smells great. Some pillows are filled with other various materials that just don’t seem to distribute the heat (or cold) evenly enough to actually do anything. The cherry seeds inside of this thing work wonderfully, as its filled just enough to be able to conform to whatever body part you need it on, while retaining its temperature, as it slowly wanes off.

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