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Hot Tot, Salon-Quality Style For Your Little Ones

Hot Tot – noun
1. a confident and stylish youngster that gives to their neighbor and cares for our planet.
2. a fabulous line of styling products created just for tots with safe and organic ingredients.

I have two daughters. One has a buzz cut thanks to her recent surgery and the other has “little girl hair.” I define little girl hair as that special kind of hair that NEVER EVER EVER stays in a hairclip, ponytail or braid. So while we might start the day out smoothly brushed and styled, little Olivia quickly ends up looking more like a rambunctious ragamuffin than a squeaky clean, well-behaved kid.

Lucky for Olivia’s hair, we found Hot Tot, a line of styling products, detanglers and conditioning treatments specifically developed for children. The line was created by Megan Gage, an actual, honest-to-goodness mother who just wanted something safe for her kids. Megan says, “I styled both my daughter and son’s hair from the day they were born but became concerned about the products I was using after reading an article on the effects of chemicals in personal care products on children. I explored the limited options on the market and was disappointed to learn that there wasn’t a line of styling products available that omitted harmful chemicals and smelled suitable for babies and children.”

Hot Tot products are free of:

Propylene Glycol
along with a myriad of other popular (and harmful) additives that Hot Tot just refuses to stand for!

After testing out the Sweet Pea Serum and Conditioning Detangler on Olivia, I had two important realizations. First, this stuff smells AMAZING. None of that artificial fruity bubblegum scent – we’re talking quality salon product smell! Secondly, I discovered that these products REALLY work. They left her hair smooth, silky and shiny… even after rubbing her head all over her car seat, trying on every hat in her collection and getting in a wrestling match with her sister. No lump tangles, no ratty snarls. One quick smooth-down and she was good to go again! And oh my gosh, I really need to remind you how amazing the scent is. *swoon*

You can check out Hot Tot for yourself at their website, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. You can order their products online or use their their retailer locator to find authorized dealers near you.

*I was provided products for review, but all opinions are my own*

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  • Jasmine

    I need this for my hair!

  • Emily

    Her hair looks like perfection! So smooth!

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