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Top Trend: Swoop Bags – Sturdy. Simple. Designed to last.

Welcome to Jessica’s Top Thursday. Each week, I will feature a new Top Trend, Top 10 or Top List. I will mention some of our favorite items, tips, ideas, recipes and more. Enjoy! To see my previous Top Thursday posts, click here.

This week’s feature is a Top Trend!

I think you are going to like this bag. Wait.. LOVE. This bag will make your life so much easier and believe me when I say this, with this bag… your kids will like to clean up their toys! I am in no way kidding.

What is this magical bag you ask? The Swoop Bag, of course!

You see, it lays out on the floor and the kids can play with their toys on it. Legos, cars, you name it. When it’s time to clean up, all they have to do is swoop up the bag with the drawstrings on both sides! That’s it.

The idea behind the swoop bag is adorable.

Sarah says: “Thirty years ago, my grandmother gave my brother a hand-made toy bag for his heaping pile of Lego pieces. Thirty years later, my mother redesigned that same toy bag and gave it to my son for his heaping pile of Lego pieces.

Today, three generations later, I give to you, a newly-reinvented version of that same toy bag – a bag designed for that heaping pile of Lego pieces in your life. You know that pile I’m talking about.

As a graphic designer and a mother of two busy boys, I wanted a bag that was simple and well-made, and would make clean up time a little easier. With an eye for modern and solid design, I’ve designed each Swoop to last using the highest quality cotton canvas and nylon cording. Swoop bags are durable, simple, colorful, and fun!”

Hang it. Store it. Floor it. Love it. Swoop it!

The Swoop Bags even come in some awesome colors, see here:

Clean up in a flash with Swoop – the ultimate toy bag and playmat in one. Ideal for small toys like Lego , Playmobil , trains, cars, blocks, dolls, Lincoln Logs , Lego Duplo bricks, stuffed animals and more!

100% sturdy cotton canvas
durable, black nylon cording
metal grommets
44″ diameter
machine wash cold
tumble dry

We definitely consider the Swoop Bag to be a must-have item for your little toy collectors.

They’re friendly!

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I received a swoop bag to review but the words written above are strictly my own.
I personally love the swoop bag.

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  • Bex

    I think I need one in Aquarium, Orange Crush and Bubble Gum. And I just realized I need to get some legos too!

    • Jessica

      Same here. The colors are absolutely adorable and I can totally picture these hanging on hooks in a playroom. Definite must-have. Easy to clean up, easy to store.

  • Modern Day Moms

    The colors are absolutely adorable and I can totally picture these hanging on hooks in a playroom. Definite must-have. Easy to clean up, easy to store. – Jessica

  • Jess T.

    I totally need to buy like, 3 or 4 of these. Aquarium and Lime for me!

    • Jess T.

      Oooh… any plans of making them in patterns?! That would be neat too!

  • Jasmine

    These are awesome!

  • Emily

    Love the idea of hanging a few on hooks in the playroom!! Will have to do that in our new house!

  • Ashley MERVAU

    this is great for a trip to nanas or for her to keep a stock of toys…

  • Mina

    I ordered these for my son and all his friends – they are so great! We’re having a giveaway this week if you’d like to win one!

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