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BuggyLOVE: The Way Love Should Be- Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit

We wash everything that comes near our baby. From their clothing, to the bed sheets and more. So why should their stroller be any different?

“We believe that your baby’s stroller is their castle, their home away from home. It should get just as much attention as that posh, little nursery of theirs.”

BuggyLOVE makes 100% organic stroller cleaners.

The organic kit includes:

  • 8 oz. FreshLOVE: Bye-bye icky, yucky smells– exotic, delicious, pure, organic rosehip scented solution for all over re-freshening.
  • 8 oz. PolishLOVE: Bye-bye dirt, doo doo and dust– crisp, organic tangerine scented solution for cleaning dirt and grime from stroller frames and wheels.
  • 4 oz. FabricLOVE: Bye-bye spit-ups, spills and stains– refreshing, organic clementine scented solution for universal use on stroller surfaces and fabrics.
  • 1 oz. WheelLOVE: Bye- bye squeaks and squeals– first-ever, all natural, stroller wheel lube that eliminates squeaks and squeals.

Accessories include:

  • ScrubLOVE: Wheel scrub brush with white tampico bristles
  • MicroLOVE: Re-claimed microfiber cloth
  • Bag O’LOVE: Re-usable, cotton, drawstring to-go bag

I am SO excited about these products! My Maclaren stroller tends to go everywhere with us and has taken quite the beating. The black fabric on it has dust marks and could use a little TLC. So when I got the kit I knew which stroller I was going to tend to first. Everything worked amazingly well and the products are absolutely amazing. Not only do they work but they smell incredible and are safe! My favorite product in this kit would definitely have to be the FreshLOVE spray. It has a light scent so it isn’t over powering, and gives the stroller a wonderful scent.

When was the last time you gave your stroller some TLC?

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They’re friendly!

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*Disclaimer:I was provided a sample from Rachel Florio PR, but the opinions above are my own

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  • Ashley MERVAU

    Def gonna have to check in to this one! THanks :)

  • Jessica

    What adorable packaging! Love it

  • Bridget

    I love this stuff!!

  • Andy

    It looks good, I think I should get one. Thanks.

  • Tom

    What a great idea. I clean my car so it’s clean for the kids but neglect our stroller. Where can I buy one of the kits?

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