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You Rule Chores: The App Your Dishes Been Waiting For

Chores: that word alone makes kids around the world cringe. Who wants to do chores? MY KIDS. No really, I’m not even doing that snotty mom at the park thing – “Oh my kids love doing chores. I just can’t stop little Jimmy from doing ALL the dishes and never asking for dessert.” (Ugh, I hate that!) So how do I get them to do their chores?

The “You Rule Chores” App by Opposite Inc.

This awesome app makes use of brightly colored avatars, virtual rewards, and a real-world reward system so your little workers can see their progress and get motivated!

Before I break down the features a bit more, watch this video! I’ll wait here…

Oh good, you’re back. You’ve got the basics down, so let’s get down to details!

1. You log in as a referee and set up which kid needs to do which chores and how many virtual coins they should be worth. Let’s say something like “do your homework” might be worth only 1 coin, but “scoop the dog poop” might be worth 5!

2. You help your kids choose and name avatars to represent themselves on their way to chore supremacy. These avatars will level-up from time to time, offering new interactions and accessories on click.

3. Each time a kid completes a chore, they mark it as done, which sends those valuable little coins into the upper corner so they can keep an eye on their savings.

4. The kids can complete a wishlist, which is full of all the things they hope to be able to spend their virtual coins on in real life.

5. Side-by-side progress is charted on the main kid-access screen, allowing for a bit of friendly competition as they race (or moan and groan) to the weekly finish line!

And that’s it! Its fun, its simple and more importantly, its effective! You really have to try it out! You can pick it up on iTunes for $3.99 “That’s about the cost of a good sandwich. It’s cheaper than a magazine or a fancy coffee. It’ll last longer than a bag of chips and it will create much more productivity than a $12 movie,” says Opposite Inc.

You Rule Chores is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad – totally worth the cash in my opinion. I’ve shelled out more for a less helpful app, that’s for sure!



*Opposite Inc. allowed me to review this app, but all opinions are my own. Supremely well-behaved, chore-finishing, polite-at-the-table children not guaranteed.*

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  • Bex

    This might be the best idea for an app yet!

    • Jess T.

      It totally is! My girls are 5 and 3, so its perfect for kids who are young but also… I may or may not have made an avatar and chore list for myself because its just too much fun! I wonder who will let me cash in all these coins? hahaha

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