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Joovy Groove Stroller


I have what some would call a little obsession when it comes to Joovy. Who wouldn’t with all their amazing products they have? We were recently sent their umbrella stroller, The Groove, and it has now easily become my favorite light weight stroller for so many reasons.

Some of the Groove’s awesome features

  • Fully adjustable 5-point harness with removable shoulder pad
  • Removable oversized canopy – covered viewing window
  • Mesh pockets in seat for kid’s stuff
  • 2 cup holders for parents
  • Zippered storage pocket
  • Automatic fold lock and carry handle
  • Unlimited recline positions to 146 degrees
  • Large basket
  • Sealed bearings in all wheels
  • Adjustable leg support
  • Reflective light technology for safety
  • Available in Blueberry, Greenie, Orangie and Black.

My parents come over every year for Halloween to help us out. My mom and I man the house and pass out candy, while my dad goes out with my husband and our kids to do the Trick-Or-Treating. My youngest has a hard enough time walking on his own and with an added costume, we knew we needed to send along a stroller with my dad and husband. So out went the Groove to participate in some fun Trick-Or-Treating! It was the first time my husband had pushed the Groove and he really liked it. Being 6’2, most handles on strollers can be too short for him, so he was really happy with the height of the handles.

Here are some of our favorite features

CUP HOLDERS- So many strollers do not come with cup holders, especially ones that are easily accessible to parents. So this is a HUGE bonus for me!

STORAGE POCKETS- Not only is there a large pocket on the back of the stroller under the cup holders (see above image), but there are mesh pockets on the inside of the stroller perfect for your child to store their favorite toy, pacifier, sippy cup and more!

OVERSIZED CANOPY- Really helps protect our kiddos from the sun!

LARGE STORAGE BASKET- I hate that most strollers have the tiniest storage baskets that you can’t even get to in order to put your diaper bag in, and if you can get to it, it is too small to put anything in it.

BRAKES Thank God for these! The Groove not only has back brakes, but front as well.

The Groove is completely easy to fold and unfold. In fact, I cant fold it up with one hand. It folds into a compact size that is perfect for storing away.

Please visit Joovy’s website to learn more about the Groove

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(My dad pushing my youngest while my kids Trick-Or-Treat! And yes, we made the car for my oldest.=))


*Thanks to Joovy for providing me a sample to review! The opinions above are strictly my own.


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  • Modern Day Moms

    Love this!!

  • Jess T.

    Wow, I love that bright green! It looks pretty lightweight too… is it? We hated lugging around a giant stroller.

    • Jasmine

      It is definitely lightweight! Super easy to travel with!

  • Jessica

    I love that green color. So pretty! Great review, Jas. As always!

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