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Daddyscrubs: Delivery Room Must Have

We spend a lot of time thinking about things that moms need, especially when they’re expecting. Rarely do with think about the daddy-to-be, apart from how he’s going to help out the new mama and wrangle the existing wee ones. If you’re looking for an awesome way to let the doting dads of the world show their pride in the delivery room, look no further than Daddyscrubs!

Daddyscrubs is a line of products for dads, including hats, gift sets and the celeb sought after delivery room scrubs that have been featured in US Weekly, OK! Magazine and more!

Emblazoned with “I’m The Daddy” on the back, the hospital approved, super cool and cozy scrubs are a perfect way to let the new dad shine, and still be in line with the dress code. Believe me, I’ve seen dads try to do some crazy stuff in the delivery room, including light up signs and giant foam fingers. I am not kidding. Daddyscrubs? MUCH BETTER IDEA. They come in three colors (navy, green and khaki) so your choosy man can look his best.

They also offer t-shirts and sweatshirts which my husband loves. Preshrunk and made of soft cotton fleece, these sweatshirts are great for the foggy Santa Cruz weather we have here, or a chilly dad in a hospital room, waiting for his new bundle of joy.

The Daddyscrubs website also offers “daddy-themed” books for kids as well as parenting guides, so it’s a great place to start when looking for a special gift.

You can find Daddyscrubs at their website and on Facebook! Check them out!


*I received a sample product from Daddyscrubs, but all opinions are my own!*

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  • Leah Hennager

    If I would have known about this DaddyScrubs apparel line 3 months ago, I would have totally bought a shirt for my husband! He was so excited about the birth of our son, for obvious reasons! A “I’m the Daddy” shirt would have been the icing on the cake! Plus Im in the medical field so we would have matched in our scrubs! NEXT TIME FOR SURE ;)

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