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The New Facebook – “Like” or “Dislike”?

Oh man, I have been panicking about the “new look of Facebook.” Don’t judge me. I know you have been too! I use Facebook for work and play, so when I logged in to see it all ruined, I was understandably upset. Who wants to keep re-learning how to use a website? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?! Well, before we all get our panties in a wad and head over to some other social networking site or –gasp– abandon social networking entirely, let me tell you something…

Its going to be okay.

No, I’m not saying that in the way a therapist or your mom says that. I really mean it. As it turns out, these unappealing new features and layout is just Stage One in a plan for a brand new Facebook that might actually be the coolest thing around.

The way your profile will appear will be a lot more streamlined, with all your “stuff” more logically organized. That way, visitors to your page can learn all about you without having to sift through your old boring status updates about what daytime soaps your cat watches. You also get to choose a “cover photo” in addition to your profile picture, which lets your page POP just a little bit more.

The new way of viewing your activity and your interaction with your friends will be in a dual column format. These columns will be home to your status updates, wall posts and more.

Your apps (like games, stuff that posts from your phone, etc) will show up in a special area dedicated to them. That way, your “work” and your “play” can stay organized (and I don’t have to see your high score on whatever “ville” game you’re playing now)!

But the absolute coolest part?

The new Timeline.

Your entire profile is now an amazingly nifty timeline of your life, on Facebook and off. You can put major life events from the moment of your birth and onward, as sort of an online time capsule. Add photos of when your children were born – categorized ON the day they were born. Add a photo of that time you skinned your knee when you were five – ON the day you skinned your knee when you were five! As you continue to post on your Facebook account, your timeline can be updated constantly, logging important life events like relationships, new jobs, or you can manually “go back in time” and fill in the gaps like when you bought your first home.

I honestly cannot say that I have been more excited about a change on Facebook since they added a “like” button (though I still resent never receiving a “dislike” button). GET WITH IT, GUYS! The new Facebook will be here September 30th!

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  • Modern Day Moms

    Prediction: The TIMELINE feature will blow your mind!

  • Jessica Reese Shook

    I think once its all put together it will be fantastic. I think everyone needs to get over their fear of change :P

    • Jess T.

      I totally agree!

  • Modern Day Moms

    I am sorta loving it now – Jessica

  • Michelle Rizzio

    SO ready. i think thats the cutest thing ever!

  • Jessica

    I like it!

  • Amanda Campbell

    I love it. I think it looks uhmazing. Its simpler. You can find things faster.

  • Jamie Floyd

    I like being able to find a post from my past with one click.

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