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Ideas for Celebrating Cinco de Mayo

It’s fiesta time! Celebrate with our neighbors South of the border, and throw a party for the number one Mexican-American holiday, Cinco de Mayo! Interestingly enough, it’s actually a much bigger and more popular holiday stateside, so let’s show the world how it’s done!

Cinco de Mayo party supplies on Birthday Express are muy caliente — your guests will stand up and shout ” Arriba!” and you’ll be the host with the most festive fiesta around.

Now, while it is still technically Spring until mid-June, if you’re anything like us, you’re already craving that first splash of summer! Serve up some frozen margaritas for the grown-ups or slushies for the kids in plastic margarita glasses. Rim with sugar and add lime slices to complete the look.


To add some more fiesta flair to your refreshments table, dress up your drinks with our fiesta serape drink cozies! One size fits most bottles – just slip on and sip! Adding some fun fake moustaches adds to the humor, and your guests will definitely get a kick out of them.


To brighten up your party scene, try some festive paper fan decorations or our giant fiesta decorating kit. With three 24-foot banners, you’ll have enough party to go around for sure! You can even enhance the look further with handmade paper decorations of your own – this can make a great party activity for kids, too!

Simple white cupcakes with colored wrappers make a great accent, and a sombrero centerpiece ties the table together nicely. Red hot tissue paper chili peppers are another way to go, too, and pi atas are a necessity!

Try the rainbow donkey pi ata for a classic style that screams Cinco de Mayo! Don’t forget to add a themed buster kit and pi ata filler… after all, pi atas aren’t just for decoration! Add some maracas as a fun finishing touch to your party theme.


So, how are you going to celebrate Cinco? Follow Birthday Express on Facebook and Twitter and share your thoughts! Be sure to check us out on Pinterest for even more party ideas and inspiration!

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