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9 Must-Haves for the Ultimate Glamping Adventure

In just 2 short days, we will be heading to Montana. Not only that, we will be GLAMPING. I feel like when I say Glamping, I have to use all caps. That’s how excited I am.I can’t wait!

Glamping is all the rage, you see. It combines your love for luxury with a thirst for outdoor adventure. Glam + camping = what more could you need? Follow along with us on instagram where we will be posting videos and photos of our adventures.

As mentioned in our previous post, we are official Glamp Counselors for Skinny Cow! This is exciting news. Today, I thought I’d share my must-have products to bring along on your Glamping adventure.

9 Must-Haves for the Ultimate Glamping Adventure


1. Face Wipes

You can’t glamp without face wipes! I kind of feel naked when I don’t have these. These specific makeup-remover wipes are my go-to. I love the way the wipes moisturize my skin and leave it feeling refreshed.

2. Slouchy Brown Bag

I love effortless bags. The ones you can sling over your shoulder and not have to worry about. This slouchy brown bag is one of my favorites.

3. Journal

You can’t go on a glamping adventure without a journal! I’m sorry, you just can’t.

4. Candy

Can’t leave home without a snack.

5. Lip Cream

This specific lip cream by Avene has left me spoiled. I’m sorry but I prefer nothing else at this point.

6. Backpack

A backpack is a great way to keep all your items together without having to weigh down your purse! Almost all of the items listed above can fit into this bag. I mean, sure, the boots could fit too but… hopefully, you’d be wearing them.

7. Boots

Speaking of boots, can’t live without these. They are comfortable and stylin’ all at the same time.

8. iPad Mini

I love bringing my iPad Mini with me on trips because I am able to catch up on reading or social media while traveling.

9. Headphones

I always make a playlist before I go on a trip and with that, I always make sure I have a good pair of headphones! It makes traveling a whole lot easier.

These are just a few of my Glamping essentials. If you were Glamping, what would you bring?


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  • Karen B

    Love the boots. What brand are they? I’ve been searching for some comfy ones for ages…

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