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Must-Have Travel Essentials for Glamping

When it comes to traveling, we do a lot. It’s all just part of being a modern day mom. The last thing I want to do between juggling a child on vacation, and getting everything ready is have to worry about my belongings. From long flights, to just road trips on the weekend, only one company comes to mind when I pack my things away in a duffle bag, and thats Poler. Poler offers high quality stuff that looks good, is a good value and you can feel good about supporting. Though they specialize in camp type gear, they also have cool duffle bags, the napsack, a wearable sleeping bag (which spends a lot of time with me on the couch, instead of around a campfire) and much, much, more.

We all know it’s important to bring the essentials on a trip, but what we don’t often take time to check out are the things that are truly essential, and thats where Poler steps in.

First, (pictured as one) I don’t know how I ever lived my life without the Napsack.

A sleeping bag with a hood, this is an invention of epic proportion. The Napsack has zippers right at your shoulders, so you can stick your arms out if you want, or if camping, just leave it closed. It has a cinch at the bottom so that you can open it up and stick your legs out, hike it up around your waist and wear it like a coat, and then let it loose again for bedtime. TO be honest, I bring it with me everywhere because it really makes things more comfortable when on the road. I like to hop in my Napsack, even in a hotel room, and relax comfortably. When I am ready for bed, I usually just toss my phone into the chest pocket and run my headphones though the built in hole, to run them inside the Napsack. It’s like my own cocoon of comfort. Even if you don’t travel, I’d suggest you picking one of these up.

Two, I always bring something to cover my head. From cooler temperature, to a bad hair day, a beanie is the perfect accessory. They are cute, comfy and hide a multitude of sins, like waking up early and still not having time to wash my hair! It happens all the time, and with minutes to spare I am out on an excursion with my hair tucked away nicely and my head warm. Poler makes some really cute beanies, and in enough varieties for my entire family. The great part is that they don’t take up any more space in my luggage than a pair of socks.

Three is the Poler Mini Duffle. It is the absolute perfect travel size for those weekend trips. It’s even good for carrying around town or taking going off to the gym. It’s the perfect carry-on size so that makes it a must have for plane rides. I hate to check luggage and this duffle is roomy and functional despite its carry on size. It has a small side zip pocket for your phone, keys or others small items and is super durable. It comes in trendy colors, and has real leather accents and with a cute Poler label on the side. A lot of readers ask “what the perfect carry-on bag” for my travels. This is it. Look no further.

Four, you just can’t go anywhere without bringing water. I notice my skin gets dry and flaky if I don’t get enough water and surely on vacation I notice I drink less and do more. Make sure you bring something to drink with you! It’s pretty important that I drink my water from a safe water bottle, and poler offers their bottles in 18/8 Food-grade stainless steel. They are 100% Toxin, BPA, phthalate and PVC free, 100% reusable and recyclable and really cute. (pictured is the Poler x Mizu M8 Water Bottle)

Last, (pictured as five) the ultimate Duffle. This bag is called The Duffaluffagus (pictured in autumn camo) and is the ultimate, end all travel bag. It’s great for me, and great for my guy because it also has built in skateboard carrying straps. Even if you don’t skateboard, its great to strap on on the bottom to make it a rolling bag! You can wear it as a back pack with the tuck-away backpack straps or strap on that board and pull it behind you. It’s comfortable enough to carry any way you choose. It’s super cute, and I love the autumn camo color. It has high quality leather accents and tie downs, and widemouth metal zipper on top so you don’t have to worry about it breaking mid trip. I have had that happen with cheaper duffles and that is a disaster! Its bigger than legal carryon size but will fit in the overhead compartment so if you walk it on you’re usually fine. It’s not a problem to check it though, and with the unique pattern, you are sure to know which one is yours.

Though Poler might be an outdoor brand, and my husband loves them for that, they are also a good brand you can stand behind. I’m really happy that my husband introduced me to Poler because I have become quite the fan as well. I might not camp a lot, but I do travel, and I want something that is strong enough for the outdoors, but fashionable, functional, and cute for me. Poler rides that middle ground and have become quite the asset to our travels in my family.

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