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Clever Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter is coming up soon! Do you have anything special planned? Last year was the first year we went all out with the easter eggs. This year, I want to try something different besides the typical dye and spoon method. Here are some clever ideas for decorating easter eggs:

1. Lace Eggs | Instructions

Tip from a commenter:
“After weeks of trying to make lace eggs, I found the solution! Paas ( or other manufactered egg dyes ) will more times than not, be obsorbed by the lace and leave no print behind. I tried every lace I could find, to no avail.. I just tried food coloring and presto!! works beautifully Just try to minimize the bunching when wrapping the lace.”

2. Cheeky Chickens | Instructions

3. My favorite idea is Silk Tie Easter Eggs from Martha Stewart:

Click here to watch the instructional video and read more about them!

Silk Tie Easter Eggs

Materials and Tools

Small- to medium-size raw eggs
Glass or enamel pot
Silk ties, blouses, or boxers, cut into pieces large enough to cover an egg
White sheets (or pillowcases or old tablecloths), cut into pieces to cover silk-wrapped eggs
Twist ties
3 tablespoons of white vinegar
Warm water
Vegetable oil
Paper towels
Tongs or spoon

Silk Tie Easter Eggs How-To

1. Cut silk into a square (or a piece) large enough to wrap around a raw egg.

2. Wrap a raw egg with a piece of silk, making sure the printed side of the material is facing the egg. Silk can still be used if it doesn’t fit perfectly around egg.

3. Place the silk-wrapped egg in a piece of white sheet, pillowcase, or old tablecloth and secure tightly with a twist-tie.

4. Place the egg(s) in an enamel or glass pot. Fill pot with water to cover eggs completely. Then, add three tablespoons of white vinegar.

5. Bring water to a boil, turn heat down, and simmer for 20 minutes (longer if you plan on eating the eggs).

6. Remove eggs from water with tongs or spoon and let cool.

7. Remove silk from cooled egg.

8. For shiny eggs, wipe with vegetable oil after completing step 7.

What is your favorite way to decorate easter eggs?

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  • Hannah

    The lace eggs are beautiful! I want to try these sometime.

    • Brittany B.

      i love the lace eggs too.

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