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Quick Kale, Apple & Green Tea Juice

I never really hopped on the juicing bandwagon. I didn’t even try. I am not even really a fan of smoothies all that much however, today, I had really wanted a nice, refreshing juice. This juice combines kale, apple, green tea, coconut water, lemonade & honey. It’s super easy to make and it tastes delicious over ice. Here are some tips for making this juice:

1. First mistake I made… I didn’t peel the apples. Peel apples if not using apple juice.
2. Steep and chill green tea if you are not using matcha powder.
3. Instead of blending the ice in with the juice, skip the ice until the end when you pour the juice over the ice. Blending the ice with the juice tends to make everything all separated and not as easy to drink.
4. Frozen Kale works awesome for this recipe.


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