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Keep Your Kids Safe with Guardian Angel

As parents, we want both safety and usability … a combination currently unavailable in outlet protection. We want and need safer and easier alternatives to use throughout our homes.

Electrical shock symptoms can vary from small burns to full cardio events. Every year, thousands of kids visit the emergency room due to electrical shock…many of which never recover.

These “accidents” happen regularly – despite widespread use of plastic inserts and other outlet protection. All of these accidents can be avoided.

Enter The Guardian Angel Outlet….

The Guardian Angel Outlet is an electric outlet that provides BOTH the absolute safety AND the convenience parents desire. After 5 years invested in research, engineering, patents, trademarks and design, the Guardian Angel Outlet is nearly ready for distribution.

The Guardian Angel technology is always on – using capacitive sensing to continuously monitor the electrical receptacle’s immediate surroundings for dangerous actions or situations – ensuring a child is always safe.

Electrodes in the housing allow the circuit to see beyond its plastic walls and distinguish a dangerous object from an acceptable plug.

Outlet Specs:

100% shock proof protection

Peace of mind

Ease of use

Cannot be circumvented by childhood curiosity

Installs easily (professional installation not required)

Uses a sensor technology that is always vigilant

Outlet is protected and power is available for use

One full piece for installation (No small pieces that create choking hazards)

Guardian Angels

Dan Masterson has spent his entire professional career in product innovation and development. He has invented dozens of products and has built innovations centers at several major corporations. He is the driving force behind Guardian Angel.

Over the past 35 years Dennis Gruber has developed over 100 new consumer and commercial products, including the original Memorywriter typewriter. Dennis spearheads the electronics design and software development.

Dipan Surati is a master of mechanical design and “making things work.” He has invented and developed category changing products as diverse as paper shredders, air fresheners, space heaters, air cleaners, and more. Dipan leads the product design, packaging, tooling and commercialization efforts.

With over 30 years of brand and marketing experience, Jeff Glass launched one of the first fully integrated, full-service communications agencies, J.M. Glass & Associates. Jeff leads the brand strategy, marketing and public relations for Guardian Angel.

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