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Places To Visit: Top 5 Ways to Escape the Heat in Texas

On a normal day, it can get pretty hot in Texas. During the summer months, it can get unbearably hot in Texas. If there’s one thing that people in Texas know how to do, it’s find creative ways to beat the heat.

Head to Reliant Stadium

Description: Reliant Stadium

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Reliant Stadium is where the Houston Texans play, and it has a room that can be closed to keep out the heat. When you invest in Houston Texans tickets during those hot days of late summer, you can enjoy the air conditioned comfort of one of the NFL’s most modern stadiums.

Take a Hike

It can sound a little strange to suggest taking a hike to beat the heat, but Texas is filled with wide open plains and picturesque hills that offer some very refreshing breezes. The shade offered by the trees of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park can help anyone to beat the punishing Texas heat. The nights in Texas can offer a cool reprieve from the sun as well, and it gets even better when you’re camping out under the wide-open Texas skies.

Go For a Swim

Texas is famous for its miles and miles of world class beaches. The eastern coast of Texas runs along the Gulf of Mexico and offers a variety of clean and comfortable public beaches. For the people who are a little more inland, there are plenty of lakes and rivers that offer relief from the sun. Some of the more popular spots include the San Marcos River, Lake Corpus Christi State Park, Galveston Island State Park and Schlitterbahn Beach.

Pamper Yourself

There is no better way to get out of the Texas sun than by escaping to a Texas spa. The state is filled with natural spring spas and resorts that will help you get out of the sun and relax. Lake Austin Spa Resort and La Torretta Lake Resort are just two examples of the many relaxing getaway locations that the state is known for.

Go For a Drive

If you have a car with a convertible top, then put the top down and hit the open roads of Texas. If you do not have a convertible, then rent one and find out what it feels like to let the air flow through your hair as you buzz down the road. You can end your drop-top adventure by spending an evening at one of the many drive-in movie theaters located in Texas. The Graham Drive-in, located in Young County, and the Brazos Drive-in, located in Hood County, are just two examples of the theaters still open in Texas.

When you live in the state of Texas, you quickly learn some creative ways to beat the heat. The further South you get in Texas, the hotter it can get. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a list of the creative and effective ways that you can use to escape the Texas heat and keep you and your family comfortable.

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