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Ctrl A is for Select All…

I just came up with an awesome idea. Forget the A is for Apple, B is for Bear, I like CTRL S is for Save and CTRL C is for Copy. I discovered these next tips on my own and eventually won some brownie points with a previous boss by showing her the “easy” way to do things on the keyboard…

Do you even know your keyboard shortcuts?

If on a mac, replace the CTRL button with the Command key…
The Command Key has this symbol:

CTRL A = Select All
CTRL B = Bookmarks (or BOLD a word if in an editor like Word or Notepad)
CTRL C = Copy
CTRL I = Italic (only if in an editor like Word or Notepad)
CTRL P = Print
CTRL S = Save
CTRL U = Underline (only if in an editor like Word or Notepad)
CTRL V = Paste
CTRL X = Cut/Delete a word
CTRL Z = Undo

There are many many more. Just search “keyboard shortcuts”.

* Image: Sujin Jetkasettakorn /

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  • Jessica T.

    I’m so glad you post this! I always forget about this stuff!

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