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KRASH! A New Line of Bike Helmets for Tweens

I recently wrote about the adorable helmets for kids that are known as Raskullz. Well, let me introduce you to KRASH! The new line of helmets for tweens.

C-Preme, the company that brought you Raskullz 3D helmets for kids, has taken their success to the next level with KRASH, a new collection of helmets targeted toward the next generation of tweens ages 10-12.

Bold, graphics-driven design and 3D elements set the collection apart in the bicycle helmet market. “If you have to wear a helmet — and it’s important to get kids to wear them we want to make it fun,” explains Ryan Ratner, co-founder of C-Preme. Utilizing the company’s patented 3D technology — a soft, rubber-based material — theKRASH collection draws inspiration from a number of sources. For guys, a helmet with liberty spikes’ recalls the punk music scene of the 80s. For girls, the company looks toward current fashion and cultural trends to interpret into unique designs. Animal prints make a big statement in KRASH’s debut collection. “We noticed kids taking solid color helmets — usually black or dark green — and covering them with stickers, or drawing on them,” says Ratner. “Teens want to show-off their own personalities, and KRASH gives them the opportunity to do that.”

KRASH helmets are here for Spring/Summer 2012 at Target, Toys R Us, independent bicycle stores, toy stores and sporting goods retailers for $24.99. Bike-related products and back-to-school products such as backpacks are set to follow later this year.

With eye-grabbing graphics and unique 3D features, KRASH offers edgy, fun helmets and accessories for the tween/young teen customer; for parents, the brand’s protect the head: inspire the imagination’ safety features are its number one attribute. With a combination of innovative design and function, C-Preme is set to transform the helmet market once again with KRASH.

Thanks KRASH for providing us with a helmet to feature on the site. We are thoroughly impressed with the good quality and the design. Kids will not hesitate to put on their safety helmet now.


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