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“Must-Have for Kids: Raskullz Helmets”

It all started with C-Preme…. the awesome brains behind Raskullz and KRASH helmets. C-Preme is a Los Angeles-based company passionately devoted to designing innovative products for children. They understand the moms and dads of today.

Oh gosh, your kids will be stoked on their AMAZINGLY awesome creations. Introducing Raskullz and KRASH. Raskullz come in 3+ and 5+. They also have a line for older kids (8-12) named KRASH.

Raskullz is changing the industry by making children’s products fun again. At Raskullz, they live to create products that inspire the imagination. From backpacks to bicycles, from stationary to scooters, from helmets to handgrips, they find the line and cross it every time.

We are huge fans of the Raskullz helmets. They now go with us everywhere we go. Your kids won’t want to leave home without them, or better yet… they won’t want to get on their bikes without them.

This helmets have changed the way kids look at safety. It’s fun and cool to wear a helmet when you’ve got a Raskullz on your head.

Thanks Raskullz for providing us with a helmet for review. All opinions are our own.



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