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Prenatal Fitness Expert Sara Haley Challenges Expecting Moms to Get Fit & Feel Sexy

Are you up for a challenge all you pregnant mommies?

This spring there are countless celebrity hotties with buns in their ovens! From the Kardashians to Uma Thurman and even Snooki staying fit and sexy while pregnant has become the standard!

Although we all aren’t in the celebrity spotlight, it’s still equally as important [possibly for a different set of reasons] to maintain an active lifestyle and feel sexy while pregnant. Fitness expert and Reebok Global Master Trainer Sara Haley has developed a new prenatal fitness program Expecting More, to help all expecting moms get it right and keep it tight throughout pregnancy.

Sara designed Expecting More for active women based on her own experience with pregnancy. She realized there was nothing out there challenging enough to maintain her current fitness level and well rounded enough to keep her entertained.

Bored with prenatal yoga, Sara developed this two disc DVD to include workouts like cardio dance, sports drills and pilates with modifications allowing soon-to-be mommies a variety of options that are safe, challenging and fun!

You can find the DVD by going to her website!

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