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PCOS Confessions: Amanda’s Story

Today’s confession is written by Amanda G. Thanks for sharing your story, Amanda.

I was 20 when I got diagnosed with PCOS I had been married for 3 years at the time and we were wondering why we couldn’t get pregnant. He got tested to see if anything was wrong and everything came back good for him. Then when we went to the fertility specialist and they did an ultrasound they say my ovaries were larger than normal and that I had several cysts. He did a blood screen to see if I had a certain kind of hormone in my system that typically comes along with having PCOS. I’m a heavier set girl and he said my weight was the cause of it. He said my best bet was to lose weight but until then my option was to try Clomid.

So I did for 3 months and still nothing. After that We stopped trying because I was too depressed. When I turned 24 I finally realized I needed to stop throwing a pitty party for myself and lost 25 lbs and 2 months later I got pregnant with a little girl but lost her at 22 weeks. A year later I got pregnant again this time with a little boy. He was born healthy and right on time. I just recently had my second child, a little girl! If you have PCOS because of your weight, lose it! I know it’s not easy! (trust me I know! Lol) but you don’t have to lose a TON of weight to get rid of PCOS I’m still considered overweight and was able to get pregnant so don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not possible!

PCOS Confessions is a new series on Modern Day Moms that is wildly honest, full of a little too much info and a whole lot of personal experiences. Recently diagnosed with PCOS, I’m on a mission to learn more about it and share my experiences with others. Read all of the confessions here. Stay tuned for more. Make sure to follow us on facebook, twitter & instagram.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common endocrine system disorder among women of reproductive age. PCOS has many signs things you or your doctor can see or measure and symptoms things that you notice or feel. Every woman with PCOS may be affected a little differently. (s)

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