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Learning You’re Pregnant

You just know.

That’s how I knew we were pregnant with our first child, and that’s how I knew we were pregnant again. We had been trying on and off for another child for almost six years. Truthfully after all this time, I was no longer expecting a miracle. After our first child, a doctors visit revealed that we might not be able to have another, and we did not pursue it any further. What happens will happen. We didn’t follow up partly because we didn’t want to believe it, and partly because it would have been too painful to find a definitive answer.

You can imagine our delight when my wife said she needed to buy a pregnancy test. Although that feeling was immediate with me again, just like with our first, I thought, this couldn’t be. But the feeling was something that I was unable to shake. My wife returned with the tests. Well, two of them actually. You know, to be sure. One after the other there was a faint line. There was no ignoring the line on the test. There it was, we were going to have another baby.

We were excited beyond belief. We had been wanting another child, but only half-halfheartedly expecting another, based on her doctors advice. At least I felt that way. What was meant to happen, would happen and I was certain that this was meant to be.

We could hardly contain our excitement. My wife did a little adding with the aid of an internet site and decided she must be 5 weeks pregnant. Although we didn’t want to tell anyone too soon, you know, just in case. She and I both knew, absolutely, that she was pregnant again. She was feeling tired, and had morning sickness. Her sense of smell was through the roof again, and I did notice she wanted to cuddle a lot more than usual. Me though, I knew it completely. I felt it in the core of my bones, in my heart of hearts, and knew more than anything that there was another on the way.

In the next few days we had already mentioned it to some of our family, and our close friends. How could we not share this awesome news. Most knew how important this was to us, and how much we have wanted another. “Finally” we thought. This is the time we are meant to have our second child.

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