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“MemoryWeb, the new iOS photo app for photo lovers”

MemoryWeb, a new iOS photo app that makes photo sharing, organizing, tagging and collaborating with friends and family easier than ever.





Here are some cool features of MemoryWeb that you could really benefit from:

You can automatically import images from your phone, Facebook and even your hard drive (while maintaining your FB captions and tags) and you can actually see all these photos on your phone without sucking up memory.

The app will automatically tag and sort photos for you as they are uploaded

You can browse them by date, location, collection, people and year

MemoryWeb makes connections between you and your photos. You can even time travel a person, scrolling a timeline of someone’s lifetime in imagers. AND Users own all of their photos and can easily export to their computer with all tags

Here are some good questions that others have asked:
Why Use MemoryWeb’s Computer Uploaders?

Aside from giving you peace of mind from knowing all your photos are in one place, our computer uploaders will also give you some side benefits we think you’ll dig:

We’ll be able to automatically push out more multi-year memories to you.
We’ll likely find photos you forgot about or thought were lost (this happens for nearly eveyone, seriously).
We’ll automatically tag collections to your photos based on your organization.
Facial recognition will do it’s magic on a whole new level.
Facial recognition will do it’s magic on a whole new level.
New photos added to your computer will automatically be sync’d to your MemoryWeb account.
You can also EXPORT your photos with all tags (ones you created and ones we created for you) at any time.

What Will MemoryWeb Do With My Photos and Info?

You own your stuff. Period. We promise to only use your photos and related information for your personal enjoyment. Everything in your account is also private (unless you decide to share) so you have full control. We want to earn and keep your trust, because the more you give us access to, the more amazingness we can deliver.

Open a free trial account today and see how they will bring your digital archive alive, for you, for them, forever. Download via the iOS app store and their website, where they have apps for all of your devices!



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