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Mom’s Weekend at the Castle Hotel

In the heart of Orlando, on the famed International Drive, a royal experience awaits guests seeking magic and enchantment. The Castle combines artistic flare and playful luxury within its medieval-inspired walls.

From the rare doll collection and castle creatures to the medieval architecture and authentic Austrian castle detailing, The Castle creates an atmosphere both parents and children are sure to love.

We all got together for a true Modern Day Moms getaway. We were so excited to get together, talk about the latest, the blog, gossip and have a night where we can relax and enjoy our surroundings.

It truly was a memorable night and one we are still talking about.

The purple sparkles got me. I definitely thought about having purple sparkles in my house after seeing the entry way. Oh, and the door… magical.

The rooms were spacious and the headboards definitely felt castle-like.

The castle at night was beautiful. As we sat around enjoying the hot tub, we couldn’t help but look up at the magical castle and admire the colors and lights.

Rising high into the clear blue sky, the Holiday Inn Kessler Castle holds secrets and surprises within its walls. Flavored with luxury and whimsy, our hotel is especially fun for kids who are greeted with their very own Castle Creature coloring book. There is a treasure hunt where each child is rewarded upon completion and a huge heated outdoor pool that is open year-round – perfect for playing with friends and making new ones.

They have two unique rooms they call Kids Suites that separate your child’s vacation space, offering bunk beds, XBox 360, 19″ flat screen TV, a desk to play on and decorated with their own theme. The Kessler Castle also features a nightly dive in movie by the pool so the whole family can watch a movie under the stars while having a refreshing swim. Even your little gamers will enjoy the arcade in the Galaxy room with a variety of video and table top games – there’s something new and something retro to satisfy all generations.

The sights and sounds of Orlando’s world-famous theme parks are all close by, and with our castle’s shuttle taking you to the most popular attractions, you can be there in no time! Prepare for a busy day at the theme parks with the Kids Eat Free program at the Holiday Inn Resort Orlando – The Castle, where kids under 12 eat breakfast for free!

Oh, the 9th floor. If you do visit the Castle Hotel, please ask to see the 9th floor. The amazing roof top terrace will give you a view over the city and will be the place you will go in the evening to watch the fireworks.

10 Things to do at The Castle

1. Go on a scavenger hunt –
search the hotel for all the unique pieces that have been designed or collected to be displayed in this European Castle.

2. Have coffee at sunrise –
Florida is home to some breathtaking sunrises and there is no better place to see one than on the 9th floor of The Castle Hotel where you can relax to birds chirping and be surrounded by our tree garden while witnessing the start of the day.

3. Dive into your movie –
enjoy a dive-in-movie under the stars while cooling off in our circular pool. The kids can play while enjoying a family friendly flick on our outdoor movie screen and the parents can relax knowing everyone is safe and entertained. The bronze fountain and dancing pool waters are the perfect way to soothe the day’s activities away.

4. Fill up for fun –
The Castle Hotel offers a full buffet breakfast daily with a la carte options and made to order omelet station. The selections vary based on locally inspired and available options. Breakfast is the most important meal and here you can get a healthy start to the day without the theme park price.

5. Sports fix –
watch your favorite team at the bar, have a snack, enjoy a beverage and give your team your support even while away from home.

6. Roomlinx –
enjoy a wide selection of television content including HBO, watch a variety of movies with the unlimited packages (great option for the occasional rainy day in Orlando) or utilize its business and entertainment services. You can get home town newspapers and radio through this service and access your Netflix. You can work on your professional documents, save, send, print, and copy in our SMART rooms.

7. Romantic moments –
Florida is famous for its sunsets, casting a blush into the dusk sky. Our Star Terrace, on the 9th floor, is the ideal place to watch this precious moment in the day where the sun fades and moon rises. This is the most chosen location in The Castle for a wedding ceremony where the couple exchanges vows to an expressionist background of blues and greens that cascade into warm vibrant shades of orange and pink – spreading warmth over all in attendance.

8. Fireworks –
theme parks in Orlando are known for their spectacular displays of fireworks and laser light shows that take place when the sky has turned dark and the moon hangs high. There is no better place to watch one, crowd free, than on one of o0ur terraces. No theme park admission fee to watch from up here!

9. Walk to dinner –
no need to tangle with traffic at The Castle. Their covered courtyard path will lead you to dining pleasures. Cafe Tu-Tu Tango offers a globally inspired tapas menu, delicious mixed concoctions to imbibe and artists to watch dance, paint and leave you inspired. Vito’s Chophouse is famous for its aged steaks and specialty cuts with one of the largest wine selections in Orlando.

10. Enjoy International Drive –
the landscape of I-Drive has evolved over the years and it offers world-class dining, reliable branded restaurants, fun bars, large arcades, designer shopping, movie theater, children’s play, outdoor fun like miniature golf all within walking distance of The Castle! This “drive” is just getting started and there are plenty more options for food and fun along the way.

The first picture we took, the pool.

As we went up into our room, a delicious fruit basket and wine was awaiting us.

We set our bags down and headed out to a nearby greek restaurant located in Pointe Orland. This restaurant was called Taverna Opa! Oh look, we arrived at happy hour. How convenient!

Our waiter… looked exactly like Ronnie from Jersey Shore. If you have no idea who that is, google him and then come back and say “oh my gosh” because we couldn’t stop comparing.

We had dinner that night at Tu Tu Tango. Tu Tu HEAVEN is what it should appropriately be called. Set in a Spanish artist’s loft, CAF TU TU TANGO evokes a time when artists found inspiration and community in sharing food, drink and philosophy with one another. The bohemian lifestyle fashioned life as a grand celebration, a feast of the senses to be shared and treasured. Together, artists found kinship over meals shared on appetizer-sized plates, over drink, music, and conversation.

One of the things that truly makes CAF TU TU TANGO unique is their menu. Not only do they serve up creative fare that captures exotic flavors from around the world, but we do so in small, appetizer-sized portions that were meant to be shared. Choose an array of dishes for your table, and let the party enjoy them communally. Experience a spectrum of the world’s most tantalizing tastes together. Savor both the food and the company. This is what life is all about.

This is the ALBONDIGAS MANZO ILMAIALE. It is pork & beef meatballs, red peppers, poblano peppers, onions, brandy demi cream sauce, caraway creme fraiche. aka Heaven. These meatballs were amazing.

We also tried many other amazing dishes and appetizers. Black Bean Soup, Spinach Salad, Alligator Jumbalaya, Picadillo Empanadas, Calamari, Cajun Chicken Egg Rolls.

Melissa couldn’t stop raving about the delicious food! Here is what she had to say: “The food at TuTu Tango in Orlando was amazing! I asked the sever to create a menu for me from drinks to desert and boy did he do a good job. To start, I had a Mojito and a spinach salad that was to die for! Next came the La Plancha Seafood skewers. Fabulous with the Sherry-blue cheese drizzle. As for dessert, I can’t decide which was my favorite the Creme Brulee Du Jour or the Banana Pizza. I can easily say if you are ever on International drive in Orlando Check this place out!”

Oh, we can’t forget the Cheesecake Pops. Oh my….

Walking around the restaurant was like exploring a small artist community. They were stationed at various parts of the restaurant and were working their artsy magic that was ready to be bought.

and yes, there was a Belly Dancer who would go from table to table.

Pointe Orlando was close to the hotel and we found ourselves there twice this day. It was a fun place to relax, shop and enjoy some food. Lucky for us, it was Cinco De Mayo and we were ready to celebrate! We found a table, had a few drinks and enjoyed the live music and entertainment.

What a memorable time for us all as we were able to share these memories together and experience all there was to offer in Orlando. We were very pleased with the service at The Castle Hotel and we will definitely visit again. We felt lucky to be a guest of the hotel and to have been compensated for our accommodations however all opinions are our own and we hope you enjoyed our experience with you.

If you should encounter the castle creature in your ramblings around the Castle, consider it a privilege, for you will be in touch with the creature that has remained impervious to evolutionary changes and to fashion. You will see exactly what Richard the First saw one night in the 11th century. He had fallen from a turret while making his kingly rounds, and if the castle creature had not appeared to catch his fall, the course of European history might well have been different. The tales of rescues by castle creatures are recorded in The Chronicles of Castle Creature Rescues in the Library of Congress and in the private library of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria.

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