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Music & Child Development

Between things like Girl Scouts and soccer practice, your child’s schedule is probably already loaded to the brim with fun after-school activities. Though adding another activity, like music classes to the list… might seem like you are spreading your kids pretty thin, it would be worth considering dropping something and going forward with a skill like piano.

It has been said that playing music actually improves your academic skills in school. There have been scientific studies that show how music and academics are highly intertwined. If your child is struggling in school, perhaps a music class could help them gain confidence and help their brain better understand their academic classes. Not only does music help your child academically, but socially if they take a group class they have to interact and communicate with their peers using teamwork. Creating more social connections for your child is a great way for them to remain competent, and be able to problem solve in their life.

Playing an instrument requires both discipline and patience and can help your child get a grasp on both. In a world that thrives on instant gratification, learning to play a musical instrument is a labor of love. If you aren’t sure where to start when selecting a musical instrument, you could give a digital piano a try. I remember playing the piano growing up and I always had fun playing my digital piano. Digital pianos come in some pretty cool looking colors, don’t need to be tuned, and my whole lot of fun. Many have dual headphone inputs for student/teacher practice so they are a real option for kids that want to learn. Digital pianos are much more mobile than the clunky pianos we had as kids. They are low maintenance, as they don’t have to be tuned, are less expensive, and contain a variety of different piano sounds.

When your child learns to play a musical instrument booster self-esteem, and helps them think critically, and opens their minds to the possibilities that only music can expose them to. If you also play music, it’s a great way to bond with your child. Whatever the case, there is no downside in giving it a try.

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