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My Favorite Cloth Diapers

If you remember from Pt.1, I have two favorites. I couldn’t pick one because both of my favorites have different things to offer and are both amazing in their own ways. So this is all about my other love: Bum Essentials!

*photo credit: Bum Essentials Facebook Page

Here’s why I love them and own two in each color:

It’s a one size diaper. like I mentioned before this saves money!

Unlike pocket diapers (meaning you stuff the absorbent inserts into a pocket), this is an AI2 (all in two) diaper. There’s no pocket to stuff! This is a great feature for dads and care providers. Dad’s hands might be bigger than mom’s, which makes stuffing narrow pockets harder. That won’t be an issue with Bum Essentials! Instead of a pocket, there’s just snaps on the inside of the diaper. You simply snap the absorbent liners (called Bum Pads) into the shell. The pads snap out just as easy for removing waste and washing.

This is what the inside looks like, you can see the snaps up there near the top.

And here’s one of the bum pads. There’s also a smaller “newborn” size that comes with each diaper. This is the larger pad.

Some one size diapers are really bulky, because of the extra material needed. The Bum Essentials snap down rise system, stretchy fabric and bum pads made of bamboo all make this one streamlined diaper! Not near as much bulk as other similar cloth diapers. I find that I can fit these diapers under baby jeans better than almost any other cloth diaper system I have, without going up two sizes! If you cloth diaper, you know that you have to buy up at least one size bigger for bottoms, maybe even two for jeans! That makes for a pair of pants that wind up being too long.

More fun stuff that helped Bum Essentials make the cut:

They are daddy’s first pick! I always run out of these before any other diaper I have. (note to self: BUY MORE!) If dad loves it, you know it’s easy to use! Even my dad prefers these when he’s got the baby for the day. Wow! Grandpa approved too? Awesome!

The touch tape (Velcro) closure makes them quick and easy, no snaps to fuss with. Ever changed a 1+ year olds’ diaper? They don’t sit still. Period.

They have an elastic band in the front of the waist. This makes for a super close fit and no leaks in the front! Not even if you have a tummy sleeper like I do.

Nap and night time approved! If you have a a heavy wetter, I suggest you try these. The bamboo is ultra thin and ultra absorbent. You can easily add a third pad in there without creating a bulky diaper that baby won’t sleep in.

Sustainability. This is an organic diaper! With the inside bum pads being made from organic bamboo and cotton, there’s less environmental impact.

PRICE! You get this awesome diaper for $17.95! Or get a trial kit and save yourself $10.40. Get two diaper shells, three sets of snap in bum pads, AND a small wet bag for $46.50!

Ready to get some Bum Essentials in your life? My favorite place to shop is Diaper Junction. Their prices are great, their customer service is the best, and they always have deals and specials running. But you can also check out the Bum Essentials website to find other trusted retailers.

Have you used Bum Essentials before? Got questions? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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  • Jess

    I love how your reviews are so THOROUGH. It really helps people like me who aren’t quite sure about cloth diapering. I know if I ever get pregnant again, I will have a lot of questions and this is great to compare. So far, I like your first pick better, the fuzzibunz. For someone like myself who has never cloth diapered, I like that I can buy the bundle that includes everything I need… and not have to worry about getting the right products etc….

    • Rebekah

      Now you see why I had to pick two! They both have great qualities about them. The bundles are a great place to start for sure! I’m a girl who needs variety though, I gotta have one of everything :D

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