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Thoughts on Cloth Diapers

I am a cloth diapering enthusiast. And that’s a nice way of saying I’m a cloth diapering super addict in need of a 12 step program! I’ve tried pretty much every name brand of cloth diapers. I love each diaper for different reasons, but wanted to share with you the diaper that I think is the best of the best. In trying to narrow it down, I just couldn’t pick one. I had to pick two. They are both very different, but equally amazing. I tried to consider everything each diaper had to offer, from ease of use, appeal to dad or day care providers, cost, materials used, and so on and so on.

My first top pick is the FuzziBunz One Size Pocket Diaper! Let me tell you about this great diaper, and why you should try it.

First off, it’s one size. That means you can buy one set of these diapers, and use them from birth to potty training. Saving money? I’m in!

Next up, ease of use. They are a two part diaper with minimal fuss. There’s an outer shell that’s water proof, and some inserts that you stuff in the shell to absorb the mess. The snapping closures are easy to use. The inner portion of the diaper is made of a soft fleece, which releases poop really easily, so not much swishing (if any at all) is involved. That’s the part people hate the most I think, and the part that scares people off from cloth diapering. That’s why I recommend these to first timers.

The next reason I love FuzziBunz, no hassle care instructions. To clean a used diaper, simply shake any waste into the toilet, pull out the inserts, and toss the whole mess into a diaper pail or bag and wait til wash day. There’s no touching of yucky parts to make this an awefull process, and no bucket of smelly water hanging around.

Added bonuses that helped FuzziBunz make my top list. The button adjustable leg elastic! They are the only diaper on

the market with this feature. The elastic strips in the legs have button holes and a tiny button that you use to stretch the elastic to create the perfect fit on your baby. A better fitting diaper means less leaks and less mess, which means more success for first time cloth diaper users. That also means, if the elastic wears out, you can replace it really easy, no sewing skills required. I have to say though, I have used mine for about a year now and the elastic is still in good shape! They also come in 14 awesome solid colors, making them functional and cute to boot.

If sustainability is your concern, they also have a hemp version now! Hemp is very absorbent, requires no pesticides to grow, and doesn’t deplete soil like cotton does.

OK, ready to go shopping now? My favorite diaper store is Diaper Junction, and they offer a 30 day test drive program! This is great if you wanna give it a whirl, but aren’t sure if you’ll like cloth diapering. Simply try them, and if you don’t like them, send them back and get a refund. FuzziBunz has tons of other retailers listed on their site as well.

If NONE of this info piqued your interest about FuzziBunz, how ’bout this moms: Matthew McConaughey uses them on his kiddo *swoon*

See you in Pt. 2!


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  • Jess

    FuzziBunnz one size is totally my go to for when I have another baby! I even have them bookmarked:

    You can actually buy the “bundle” that comes with 18 diapers and a ton of other stuff for under $400! That’s all you would ever need to buy for your baby until they are potty trained. So crazy.

    Great post!!

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