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Now I See Why Everyone Recommended The Shark Steam Mop

A while ago, I asked about steam mops and a lot of you had recommended a Shark. Actually, 99% of the comments recommended a Shark.

IMG_4991 (Priime Crisp)

Well, I got a Shark. The Shark Blast & Scrub 2-in-1 steam mop and I’m in love.

IMG_4992 (Priime Crisp)

See, our floor is actually tile… I know, I know. Hard to believe but it’s called wood tile. I wanted a steam mop because I don’t always need to clean the floor the special cleaners & gadgets.

This mop does it all. One side of the pad has scrubbing strips and the other side is a regular mop so you can flip back and forth. I had to wait until our floor was sealed before using it and I can really see a difference.

It also fits perfectly in my cleaning cabinet.

FullSizeRender 6

FullSizeRender 5 (Priime Crisp)

Nothing like a clean, sterilized floor.

Until the next meal.

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