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10 Things To Do Outdoors With Your Kids After Dinner

Once my daughter gets home from school, we usually fall into the same routine but it’s nice to switch it up sometimes. We follow a pretty standard routine throughout the week with bedtime preparations beginning at a certain time.

We switch up our weekly routine by doing something fun after dinner. It almost always involves being in nature, which I love.

We will pick a different park to play at and it’s usually one that has a nature/walking trail to walk on which is one of our favorite activities.

Our city has pretty good trail options and yesterday’s pick was no exception. It was the ideal after-dinner activity that had me inspired and feeling refreshed.

There’s just something about being surrounded by water, ducks and other random birds flying about. It’s there that we go into explorer mode searching for animals and various creatures roaming about.

I highly recommend doing a little exploring after dinner if you can. It is refreshing and is a nice change from the busy week.

10 Things To Do Outdoors With Your Kids After Dinner

1. Try a new or different park each week

2. Play ‘Red Light, Green Light’ in the grass

3. Try to count how many birds you see

4. Create a scavenger hunt checklist and find certain things on your walk. The checklist can involve different animals or even rocks, sticks and various things you’d normally find in nature

5. Disconnect from technology

6. Take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air

7. Go on a nature trail and find little treasures that you can keep in a special jar

8. Find various sticks, moss and leaves to make your own terrarium while you’re out for a walk

9. Watch the sunset and make a bet when each member will think it will set

10. Try to do something fun during the week to switch up the routine whether it’s 10 minutes outside or an hour, have fun and enjoy it.

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