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Peet’s Single Cups Coffee Fights Morning Madness

It’s not only school time, it’s close to the holidays and that means bracing for the morning rush, which often includes a frantic breakfast, last minute homework and throwing lunches together.

For a smoother morning try a few of these tips:

Get a jump on the morning and enjoy a little quiet time before the kids get out of bed
Sip a good cup of coffee Peet’s Single Cups are a delicious and convenient choice
Prepare a simple but healthy breakfast for everyone to enjoy
Pack lunches the night before
Complete all homework assignments before going to bed

Peet’s uses the same beans and hand-roasted process for Single Cups that customers expect and appreciate from a cup of Peet’s. Each Single Cups variety was designed with a specific dose of coffee per cup and a distinct grind parameter, measured to the micron, to highlight the taste profile of the blend. Instead of the standard paper filter that traps flavor, Peet’s uses the RealCup patented mesh-like filter that allows essential coffee oils and flavors into the cup, producing a cup that meets Peet’s exacting standards.

Our favorite Peet’s coffee: MAJOR DICKASONS!

The sweet and smoky espresso hints really turned major dickasons blend into a morning favorite. It’s coffee that tastes like a cup of coffee and didn’t need much, if any creamer or sugar. It tasted like coffee is supposed to taste like and did what coffee is meant to do. It revs me up first thing in the morning and the full bodied taste warms me to the bone when I need it most.

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