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Pregnancy: New Nummies Maternity Comfort Bra

Pregnant and nursing women need comfort.

Nummies Bras, a Canadian maternity and nursing bra company, has listened to the qualms and uncertainties expressed by pregnant women and has designed and launched a new maternity bra called the Comfort Bra which is perfectly created to match the changing needs of the new mom to be.

A maternity bra? Yes. It is one of the most important pieces of clothing a pregnant woman should own. Think about it – we regularly get fit for bras in our daily life, why not during this time of bodily flux? Imagine how important it is when our breasts are sore, swollen and changing at a record pace.

This is the perfect bra for sleeping and daily wear for pregnancy and parenthood!

Bras are made of soft, supportive cotton and have a seamless, wrap over-design. The fabric is designed for changes in breast size during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Easy wash-and-wear cotton means no extra fuss for a busy mom or mom-to-be.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post

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