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Pregnant Mamas, Rejoice! Find Comfort in these Nourishing Bath Soaks

Pregnancy is pretty awesome. It’s a unique journey with a map of its own and its own story to tell. Although there are many similarities, not one experience can mimic another exactly the same. There is a base guideline of what to expect during those 9 months, but each body and baby has its own agenda.

While each pregnancy is on its own path, one thing all pregnant women can relate to is the aches and pains that come along the way. Even if it doesn’t happen in the first trimester, or even the second, by the time you near the end, you will definitely be feeling some big changes. Your body takes on a completely different form, and at times it might feel as if there’s a tiny alien inside of you *cue in baby somersaults in the whom.* Woah.

While we love feeling kicks and playing the never-ending guessing game of, “Was that a head or a tush that pushed my belly button out?” It sure does come with its own discomforts. You are growing a body inside your own body. Fingers, toes, a nose, the whole shebang. So, it’s no wonder there will be many differences and pains along the way. From the scary amount of swelling that can happen in our feet, to the restless legs and sharp back pains– there is an awful lot we have to adjust to.



As a pregnant mama, you want to focus your attention on feeling the joy and excitement for your baby. But, when your ankles look like they have been stolen and replaced with 10-pound tube socks full of sand, and your belly feels like it needs an indestructible support wrap to hold it up, excitement and joy are the last words in your vocabulary. Since a lot of over the counter, go-to options for pain relief are a no-no for pregnancy, it can sometimes leave you feeling hopeless. Even though chocolate cake or pickles and ice cream can be a form of comfort, it doesn’t help ease the pain. Your body’s working overtime. It’s performing a task where there’s no clocking-in or clocking-out.

You don’t need me to tell you how tiring that can feel. So, sit back and relax, Mama. Put your feet up and let the blood flow back into your body because here are two simple baths solutions that can help alleviate pain and refocus your attention on that beautiful story your body is writing. (And help you feel a little more human again.)

By soaking in warm water, it takes pressure off your body, lightens up the weight in your belly and can let you relax with your feet elevated. You can light some candles and add some fresh flowers for an extra splash of pampering. You’ll be giving plenty of baths in no time, so let this be your quiet time to simply find comfort and unwind.

Ginger Bath

A ginger bath is a great ticket when you’re feeling lethargic and need a full body rest. This is especially good to keep in mind when you have the flu. Ginger helps heat up the body and acts as a natural way to rid the body of toxins. It can help with digestion and relieve morning sickness.

It’s a super multi-tasker and helps relieve headaches, stress, anxiety, and exhaustion. If you thought that was impressive enough, it also helps with the production of bile, which helps your body absorb important vitamins such as, vitamin A, D, E, and K. You can grate a cup of fresh ginger and let it steep in the tub like, “I’m a little teapot,” or buy some ground ginger from the store and add about a teaspoon to the flowing warm water.

Make sure to drink a lot of water before, during and after, as it can act as a healthy detox. Mama needs to stay hydrated!

Coconut Milk Bath

Speaking of hydration… this bath will re-spark your glow, and leave your skin feeling refreshed and renewed. It will feel like your own day at the spa and make you engage in beautiful pregnant mama that you are. Coconut milk provides comfort for tired, itchy, stretching skin. While Epsom Salt eases aches and pains and helps relieve stress.

This is a perfect bath for any stage of pregnancy but can be especially helpful during those times of discomfort.

All you need is:

2 cups of coconut milk powder
1 cup Epsom salt
30 drops of essential oils- lavender is a great pregnancy safe choice.

Mix ingredients together in a bowl, and save in Mason jars or airtight containers, as will you have leftovers, (yay!) Shake about a cup into the tub and prepare for your rejuvenating soak, mama.

This is a very special time in your life. This is your story and your journey. Even though you might feel the extreme opposite at time, you’re creating something pretty magical. These simple soaks are a great way to bring you comfort and reconnect you to the beautiful pregnant mama that you are.



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