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Welcome to another edition of Project Corner. This week we want to share with you something a little “cray-cray”. So crazy, it even has us talking weird.


You may remember our first ever Project Corner post where we featured celery & food coloring. Well, this is another celery project and this one will definitely guarantee that you’ll always have enough.

That shouldn’t be an issue though. We find celery delicious, especially with some cheese or peanut butter.


Adding some raisins in the mix and you’ve got “ants on a log”. My kid is a fan.

Did you know that you can actually RE-GROW celery? I’m serious, folks. You can grow another complete celery stalk from the bottom piece that you cut off and throw away.

You see, you cut off the bottom part as shown below.

Then you plant it, and watch the magic. Eat and plant again. Etc…. Ready for the details?

Here’s what you do:

1. Cut off celery bottom as shown.
2. Set bottom piece in some warm water (on a saucer) to get started. Letting it sit overnight usually does the trick.
3. The next day, take that piece and plant it just like it is, in the vegetable garden with the stalk side up.

Basically, just dig a small hole, fill it with water and set the end (bottom part) in the hole, then cover it up with an inch or so of soil and water thoroughly.

In a week you will see results. It’s a quick process. May take 6 weeks or so to have enough re-growth to use.

Lets recap… This celery will grow a brand new top to be cut and used, then you can plant the bottom again for more new growth at the top. Fun right?

Let us know if you try this! Enjoy :)

(cut celery image source)

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  • Jessica

    I am trying this ASAP!

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