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Relate To The Dreaded Motherhood + Balance Dilemma?

You’re not alone. Trust me. I am still trying to figure it out.

So, I wanted to ask you?
– Have you recently had a child come home from college?
– Are you recently retired and finding you have more to do now than you did before?
– How you ever felt overwhelmed with your own home life? How do you balance it all?

If so, it sounds like you need a good laugh and a little relaxing with your feet up. Seriously though. When was the last time you took time out to just relax? I know, as a mom, the last thing you want to do is relax, but you have to. It’s so important to just take some time for yourself and enjoy life.

Lately, I’ve really enjoyed relaxing and watching a TV show! It’s a lot of fun to just take my mind off of everything else that is going on and just stay calm.

I’ve chosen to really get into the #1 New Comedy, Kevin Can Wait, which just moved its time period to Mondays at 8/7c on CBS!


Looking for a new show to watch? Kevin Can Wait is now on at 8pm EST, which for me, means the kids are in bed. Depending on if I have work or not, I love to kick up my feet and relax with a good show. The show is about a newly-retired police officer looking forward to spending more quality time with his family discovers he faces tougher challenges at home than he ever did on the streets.

Kevin Gable (Kevin James) is a Long Island cop who retires at 45, looking forward to day-drinking with his buddies, going to Mets games, and finally having some “me-time.” He quickly learns, however, that his family’s needs don’t leave a lot of “me-time” after all. His 14-year old daughter Sara (Mary-Charles Jones) and 10-year old son Jack (James Digiacomo) are having issues at school and 20-year old Kendra (Taylor Spreitler) is expected home soon on a visit from college – with a few surprises of her own. To supplement his pension, Kevin’s wife Donna (Erinn Hayes), a school nurse, wants to rent out their converted garage apartment which turns into quite a complicated competition for occupancy. Whether it’s at Kevin’s retirement party or just making plans with his fellow retiree buddies, Kevin realizes that life at home will not be as carefree as he had hoped. But with the companionship of good friends and the love of his family, Kevin will make the most out of the next chapter of his life.

Watch Mondays at 8/7c on CBS!

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