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Important Parenting Lessons I’ve Learned as a Mom of Two

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It’s hard to believe that I am a mom of two girls. My oldest daughter just turned 9 years old. My youngest is 1 and I can’t believe she is becoming so independent. The thing that really gets me every time is the fact that my children are complete opposites. From their births to their sleep patterns and personalities, I have two wildly different children on my hands.

This is what I’ve learned so far:

No two children are alike.
My oldest slept through the night at a young age, she never really wanted a pacifier and she was so cool, calm and collected. My youngest doesn’t like to sleep, she loves her paci and she is very, very, very active.

They know what they want.
My youngest loves eating new foods. She loves exploring different textures. She loves to eat most things, and does a great job feeding herself. 

You are never fully prepared.
No matter how many books I had read before my children were born, I was never fully prepared once they arrived. It seems like I’m learning something new each and every day.

“Sleep when they sleep” is a lie.
Everyone always told me to be sure to sleep when the baby sleeps, but did they not realize there is an entire house to be cleaned? Food to be made? Dishes to be washed? A mom who desperately needs a SHOWER? There are a million things I think of when I should be napping, so it never actually happens.

Balance seems impossible but it’s important.
I am having to force myself to create some sort of balance in my life. Balancing work, motherhood and marriage is a hard thing, but it needs to be done. If you don’t create a balance, you will feel out of place. I have recently found out just how important it is to take some time for myself. Whether it’s showering first thing when I get a chance in the morning so I will be prepared for the day, or taking 10 minutes to run to my local coffee shop just to grab my favorite drink. It’s important to not only take time for yourself, but also to show the other people in your life you care about them. Creating a balance keeps everything running smoothly. It is most definitely not easy but it makes things easier.

Just breathe.
I love being a mother. While no two days are alike, I am often amazed at just how quickly my children are growing up right before my eyes. It’s important as a parent to take time to relax, time to breathe, time to just enjoy your children, especially the littlest ones, who grow so, so quickly. Take time to just stop what you are doing and enjoy the moments.

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