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Revolution Foods

So my oldest son just started Kindergarten! This is an exciting time for us. Not only does he get to be a big kid and learn all kinds of new things like reading, but he gets to take a lunch with him! I am pretty sure he is more excited about bringing a lunch and playing with his friends than he is about reading, but that’s kind of expected with a five year old. Wait… I think that sounds fun to any age! Luckily his school has a wonderful lunch menu but we still need to provide him with snacks and we won’t be buying lunch every day either. It is so important to provide healthy snacks for your children. Not only is it giving them the nutrition they need but it also gives them the energy they need to help focus at school and play with their friends.

Revolution Foods is part of the Nest Collective. The Nest Collective is a company of mission-driven brands committed to nourishing the next generation with yummy, nutritious foods to establish healthy eating habits for life. As a values-driven company, Nest is committed to making the world a little better, twig by twig.

Their snacks are oh-so-delicious. Trust me, I’ve tried them! Actually, my 5 year old, 1 year old and myself have all tried them and loved them.

They make a few varieties of snacks.

Organic Mashups

A mish mash of pure fruit fun!
We’ve taken real organic fruit and made purees that can be eaten right out of the pack. Mashups have all the goodness of fruit without any of the prep. They’re great for tossing in the lunchbox and just as enjoyable at home. We like to think of them as an easy squeezy way to eat fruit!

Fruit & Veggie Mashups

A mashup of pure fun!
We’ve taken real organic fruits and veggies and mashed them into purees you can squeeze and eat! Mashups have all the natural sweet of your favorite fruits and some extra pow from colorful veggies. They’re great for tossing in the lunchbox or eating on-the-go. We like to think of them as an easy squeezy way to snack.

Yo’ Drops

100% real yogurt goodness with a crunch
Never before has yogurt brought such a punch of crunch. Yo’Drops have all the flavor of real fruit & pure creamy yogurt, mixed into freeze-dried drops you can pop in your mouth. A free flow of fun, these pocket friendly packs go with you anywhere. So when it’s time to snack – drop what you’re doin’, drop a beat and start poppin’!

Organic Jammy Sammy

A snackable, packable sammy!
Our Jammy Sammy is a snack size twist on a lunchbox favorite. Each yummy bar is made with nourishing ingredients that help kids have more sustained energy throughout the day. And each one is individually wrapped and ready to go – perfect for when you’ve gotta jam!

Grammy Sammy

A graham-tastic snack!
Our Grammy Sammy is a soft baked graham sandwich filled with yogurt goodness. Each yummy bar is made with nourishing ingredients that help kids have more sustained energy throughout the day. And each one is individually wrapped and ready to go. When it comes to snack time, it’s a graham slam!

Here’s what my son had to say about his Mashup:

Not only are these snacks great, there is also a wonderful movement behind them!

Healthy Eating In School

We believe that all children deserve access to healthy, wholesome foods where they need it the most – in their schools. Our organic lunchbox snacks and sandwich builders make it easy to nourish your kids with yummy, balanced nutrition. And when you purchase our products, you’re helping us nourish even more kids through our School Lunch Program, making every bite matter for all kids.

Your Purchase Helps Support the Revolution

3% of the net revenues from your purchase of our products goes to our School Lunch Program, helping us feed even more kids in underserved schools.

To learn more about Revolution Foods, their In-School Lunch Program and their yummy lunchbox snacks, please visit their website at:

They’re friendly:

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***Disclaimer- I received some samples to review, but opinions written above are strictly my own***

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  • Jessica

    Love this! I have never heard of Revolution Foods. Thank you for sharing. Totally going to check them out.

  • Emily

    Love healthy options for school! I see a lot of kids showing up with nothing but processed food and candy, and I love to see healthy options that are easy, too.

  • Charissa

    Thank you for sharing! We are trying to eat moire organic foods but it’s not always easy to send our son to preschool with organic options! Looking forward to giving these products a try!

    • Jasmine

      Let me know what you think! It’s one of my sons favorite snacks to take to school now (besides fresh fruit) =)

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