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Rockabye Baby

You know that one friend you have who insists on singing at the top of her lungs to EVERY song that comes on the radio and not only does she sound like junk but makes up all her own lyrics?

Yeah, I’m that girl. So Instead of singing incorrectly over the top of amazingly talented artists such as The Beatles, Bob Marley, Elvis, and even the likes of Metallica and Kanye West I tune into Rockabye Baby.

The kid friendly instrumentals are soothing for little ones and fun for us big kids. You can sing along to your favorite songs, make up your own lyrics or just enjoy the simple fact that your baby is listening and falling asleep to bands your mother prohibited in your house (seriously Nine Inch Nails are the devil, mom?)

When hubs and I first heard of Rockabye Baby we couldn’t believe how creative and fun these remakes were of some of our favorite bands. The lists of artists Rockabye Baby covers is endless and absolutely has something for everyone. Right now Harper and I are enjoying a mix of Journey, Bob Marley and Pink Floyd.

If you haven’t checked out Rockabye Baby visit their site now and listen for yourself. You can also tune into the Rockabye Baby station on Pandora for free and scope out your favorite bands.

Currently jamming to the lullaby rendition of Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer and absolutely butchering the lyrics…

* I was not compensated in any way for this review *


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  • Emily

    We LOVE Rockabye Baby in our house! We have the Beatles, Queen and Aerosmith and Miles still listens to those during all of his naps!

  • Stepanie E.

    We totally rock some Queen here. Lorelai falls asleep so fast. My favorite is “Killer Queen” because it sounds like Danny Elfman.

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