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Strawberry Lime Basil Lemonade

DIY Strawberry Lime Basil Lemonade

You will need:

Ice Cube Tray (Bonus points for a cool design. I used one that looks like orange slices)






The process is pretty simple. Here you go:

Rinse off the herbs, chop up the herbs and place them in the ice cube trays. Add water. Freeze. It is pretty simple.

From there, you will rinse off the strawberries and limes before cutting them up to use in your lemonade.

Cut the strawberries into round slices and set them aside.

Next, you will cut the limes into round slices.

Add the strawberries and limes to your lemonade before moving onto the basil.

Add the basil leaves to the lemonade. You will want to then add the basil leaves and the fruit to the lemonade so it will infuse the lemonade while you move on to making ice cubes.

The ice cubes are pretty simple to make. You literally chop up the herbs and place them in the ice cube trays with water. Freeze. For these ice cubes, I decided to add in small slices on lime for a fun twist.

Serve in cute glasses. Enjoy!

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