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Sun Bum Has My Vote

Sun Bum is the BEST sunscreen my family has tried. True story. We always get a little bit burnt no matter what sunscreen we use. However, we used this a few weeks ago and were outside ALL DAY in 90 degree humid weather and none of us suffered or got a burn.


I think I’ll be buying this brand again from now on. (plus it smells good) and the bottles are color coated based on SPF. 70 being almost white with 15 being a dark bottle.

Word on the street is… we might be doing a giveaway with them soon. Stay tuned! In the meantime, check them out at!

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  • donutsandbabies

    Where did you find it?

  • orikami_organics

    Is it all natural? Also, from my research high SPF isn’t always good cause it blocks beneficial Vitamin D. Do you have anymore info on this?

  • moderndaymoms

    @donutsandbabies Local surf shop carries it. Also, I’m starting to see it at Target and other stores!

  • donutsandbabies


  • moderndaymoms

    @orikami_organics We use what works. Anytime I use certain natural sunscreens, I get burnt to a crisp. Being burnt when pregnant is not something I want to encounter. I’m also not concerned with blocking vitamin D because we also go outside for at least 15 minutes a day without sunscreen which can eliminate that issue. I ended up throwing away a lot of sunscreens (organic and none organic) that just didn’t work for us. There’s no point in using something if it doesn’t work. :) This brand however, is paraben free. Paraben Free / PABA Free / Oil Free / Gluten Free / Hypoallergenic.

  • moderndaymoms

    @donutsandbabies Also, Ulta has it! :) Amazon and their website as well.

  • mttkauffman
  • orikami_organics

    I’m lucky to have Cuban skin that doesn’t burn but my son is a pasty babe. I’m gonna check this stuff out though. Sounds great. We used Babyganics last year and I was looking for a new brand to try. thanks for sharing! We’re in the Midwest so we have been vitamin D deprived all Winter. Been trying to make up for it with recent sunshine, since I hate giving him the vitamin D drops.

  • mommyredding

    Love this and Australian gold (:

  • moderndaymoms

    @orikami_organics We live so far south in the US, vitamin D deficiency isn’t usually a problem here, hahaha. It’s hot, humid and SUNNY. I was determined to find a sunscreen that actually worked because we all burn so so easily. So far, this is the best. None of us got burnt and we were literally in the sun all day.

  • ifralick

    @moderndaymoms I’m always looking for a better sunscreen for my fair skinned, red-headed son. One question- did y’all use it on faces? Any burning in the eyes?

  • moderndaymoms

    @ifralick Ears, face, eyes, lips, etc. No issues!

  • nugepham
  • carlymaltais

    @jennybbrackett did you get this?

  • ambermunster

    Is there such a thing as scalp screen? Because my scalp fries like a potato chip

  • jennybbrackett

    @carlymaltais not yet. Keep meaning to place that Amazon order. Excited though!

  • ambermunster

    Ps- I’m not a fan of hats. So there’s that.

  • moderndaymoms

    @ambermunster so does @moderndaydads. We def use sunscreen on the scalp. Haha

  • moderndaydads

    @ambermunster I mean, I’m going bald so I just rub it on my head…but I go down the scalp line on my kiddos head. It’s worth it only because a bad scalp burn is gonna make you itch like lice and peel like dandruff….and that’s some freaky stuff.

  • thewendychastain

    I’m going to have to get some. Especially now that I’m in the sun a lot when running.

  • moderndaymoms

    @thewendychastain You’ll totally love it! It actually works! Haha

  • thewendychastain

    I’ve always used No-Ad and it has worked well, but I haven’t been able to find anything over 50 SPF in it. I’m always willing to try new things.

  • vinsoycandles

    Look where it is made….I believe Cocoa Beach, FL. I love this stuff and we are a water family. I agree

  • tomk76

    @moderndaymoms @trustthebum makes great stuff!

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