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The Best Washer & Dryer for Busy Moms?

When looking at houses a few years ago, I remember one house sticking out to me. Not because of the beautiful wood floors or the amazing entry way, no. You should have seen the new front loading washer and dryer they had in their garage! *swoon*. It was red, it was beautiful and it was calling my name. I immediately asked if they would be included and the woman said “No Way. I can’t live without my washer & dryer”. I immediately wondered what was so special about it that she absolutely could not part with it. We tried, oh, we tried to convince her that we needed it more. We Failed.

What exactly was the Washer & Dryer that this woman would not part with? I have no stinking idea! I wish I did! This beautiful, red pair of fabulous machinery looked like it could wash an army of clothes. You know, it might actually run without waking up my daughter or spend less than 120 minutes drying clothes. Yes, 120 minutes for a full drying cycle. *sigh*

I need your help! What is the best washer & dryer for busy moms? One that is quiet, that will wash a lot of clothes and not take hours to complete a cycle. I want to know the absolute best! It is a total bonus if it’s energy efficient and green, no, not the color.

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  • Anna via Facebook

    Kenmore Steam! it can wash 16 pairs of jeans at once:)

  • via Facebook

    16?! – Jess

  • via Facebook

    Wow, I just checked it out. Looks amazing. Thanks Anna.

  • Ashley Mervau

    Yes the Kenmore Steam is awesome! But if your budget cant work for it there is the GE ront loaders…forgot the exact name but it has great cycles to chose from and my favorite is the speed cycles :) 30-40 minutes to wash or dry. I can fit TONS of stuff in them so long as you get the bigger versions. But I look forward to teaching Gentry how to do his own since he could reach everything :) Front loaders are def the way to go, steam clean was my first choice but not in the budget.

    • Jess

      Thank you so much Ashley!! I didn’t realize how expensive they were. This really helps!

    • Jess

      Also, what model do you have? I will check it out!

  • Ashley via Facebook

    let me check on the model

  • Ashley via Facebook

    here is the washer we have

  • via Facebook

    Link didn’t work

  • Ashley via Facebook

    bummer…its the GE Energy star 3.5 doe cu. ft. capacity frontload washer with stainless steel basket. Oh and I love the fact that the thing cleans itself!!!

  • Pamela via Facebook

    we have LG red front loaders. LOVE EM!

  • via Facebook

    Thanks everyone!! – J

  • Anastasia Borisyuk

    I am in the market for a new one, maybe this fall, would love to know what’s the best too. Mine is a top loader that’s at least 6-8 years old, maybe more. It ruins our clothing! Turning out to be quite expensive.

  • Brittany B.

    i really like my LG washer and dryer!!

  • Beth

    Thanks for posting this! I am in dire and desperate need of a new washer ( that actually gets rid of stains) and dryer (that does not shake the whole house)!!

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