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The Comical, Yet Oh-So-Relatable Fears Of Parenting

Parenting. Isn’t it just a wrapped up basket of goodies? You have an overall idea of what lays ahead, but never quite know exactly what’s about to unravel. There’s a large variety of surprises; some good, some unexpected, and some…. just downright unwanted. Anyone pack a gift receipt??

Amongst the night time snuggles and the pictures on the fridge lays another angle that balances out the sweet side of having kids. The not-so-sweet side.

There are many fears that come along with parenting. Big, large, extra large. And of course, the comical. The ones you can only truly understand and appreciate if you have kids, or have taken on a parenting role in some way. It’s the day-in, day-out moments that can often leave you walking on eggshells.

This daily enabled fear has its own balance though because it holds its own humor. It’s a well-known fear that gives off an, “Oh my gosh, I know exactly what you’re talking about” reaction, with a backlash of laughter. If you have experienced raising a child in any way, you are more than likely able to relate.

There’s a reason why so many comedians create entire acts around kids. Also, why there’s an entire TV show inspired by the crazy things kids say. They’re learning what a social filter is, not afraid to express themselves, and are figuring out everything else out along the way.

Oh, and us parents, yep. We get to be the safety net and catcher of all those moments. The good, bad, and the embarrassing. Which then gives us the, ever-so comical, yet completely relatable, fears of parenting.

For example;

Trader Joe’s Shopping Carts

Need I say more? If you know, oh you know. Your ankles are probably torn up, from the floor up. The idea of those mini carts is awesome and totally adorable. But for some reason, kids immediately feel like they’re the next big driver for NASCAR. Therefore, your ankles… and other innocent shopper’s ankles, are in for a big surprise.

Those Awkward Moments

There you are just chatting with a friend, (or apologizing to the stranger whose ankles are now torn up) when all of a sudden; your kiddo reveals one of those very personal stories about you. The kind you would take to the grave. We all have at least one totally embarrassing situation sitting in our pasts. Which our kids are more than willing to share it.

Speaking of Speaking

Oh, kids. They really do say the darndest things. Don’t they? It doesn’t matter if your household carries the most wholesome vocabulary. There are always outside elements that provide additional words and phrases. And when your kids hear them, there’s this repeat button they like to press. And depending on where they press it, kind be quite embarrassing.

The Sound Of Silence

Normally, you would think a moment of silence during a stage when kids are always making noise, is a good thing. Unless they are asleep in bed, or reading a book; we often find out that the sound of silence usually leads to trouble. Whether it’s coloring a new mural on your freshly painted walls, tossings Legos down the sink, or something far worse. Which leads us to…

Maybe It Isn’t Chocolate

You know the saying… is that chocolate, or… ya. Oddly enough that question takes up more space in the parenting question box than I could have ever imagined. And what if one day, it’s not, in fact, chocolate? And how did it end up there?

That Definitely Isn’t Chocolate

This is especially true when you have kids in diapers. There’s this rumble no one wants to hear. And it’s terrifying. You know what’s happening, just have no idea what you’re in for. And that is scary.

Temper Tantrum Tuesday, Or Any Day

If you really want a good scare, just picture the last time you went holiday shopping before your kiddos had a nap. Or if all of a sudden they say they’re so, so, very hungry. You know their mood could go either way, and it only takes a moment before they’re capable of flipping that tantrum lid. If you thought the airport scene from Home Alone was hectic, you haven’t seen this yet. (Hello, Amazon!)

What If Karma Does Strike Back

At some point in our lives, we have been told, “I hope your kids give you the same trouble you gave me!” We laugh. But once we become parents, we have a flashback of the trouble we once caused. Our laughter turns into a nervous chuckle, as we cross our fingers that history doesn’t repeat itself.

As each moment of parenting unravels, we leave our minds open. Always knowing there’s a part of us that has to be prepared for standby. On some days peace and quiet can actually be great, and others you might find your keys shoved deep, deep down in a teddy bear’s purse… hours later.

In any case, our minds will always stay alert during the entire journey of parenthood. Even if it can lead to stressful moments, it can also lead to shared laughter. If you feel slightly overwhelmed; just remember that a lot of times, situations can be comical once they’ve passed, and are oh-so-relatable. So, sit back and enjoy the ride.



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