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The Cool Wazoo

I stumbled upon this product in the waiting room of my son’s pediatrician. I was reading one of the many magazines they had and while skimming through the pages this one caught my eye. A cool wha? I thought to myself. Now this looks like one amazing looking product. I was soon to find out how absolutely clever and wonderful this little product really is.

A Cool Wazoo is definitely a must have for every parent! It is a 5-in-1 multifunctional cover. Wait, how can this possibly serve as a cover for FIVE things? Easily:

It’s a highchair cover

A changing pad-


A swing seat cover-

A carseat cover-


and a shopping cart cover-

See.. I told you, AMAZING!

This eliminates having to carry a separate cart seat/high chair cover and a changing pad whenever you head to the grocery store or out to eat. I love how I can fold the Cool Wazoo into a compact fold and slip it into my diaper bag or purse and have it ready in case we need to use it.

As you can see from the above images , we have thoroughly tested this product and we absolutely love it!

One thing I will have to admit is that it took me about 6 times to finally be able to fold the Cool Wazoo back correctly, but with the help from her tutorial on her website, I can now fold it with no problems. It may have just been me though, seeing as my husband got it folded correctly in one try.

The Cool Wazoo was invented by a mom- a mom with a cause at that, named Ginelle. When her daughter was burned by a scorching hot swing seat, she spent two years developing the Cool Wazoo. There were no products out there that protected a child from not only a germy swing, but a hot one.

Did you know that a swing seat can get to at least 150 degrees on an 80 degree day? Within ONE SECOND a baby can get third degree burns. Ginelle actually took a laser gun and measured how hot the swing seat had gotten on that 80 degree day. She invented this product that not only offers a physical barrier between a child and the swing but she incorporated an inner lining that actually reflects heat back to its source.

I honestly believe that this is, hands down, the BEST product for babies on the market right now. If you are looking to get a baby shower gift or for yourself, I would definitely recommend the Cool Wazoo by Cheerful Child. We have gotten so many compliments on it already.


To order a Cool Wazoo, check out the beautiful pattern choices, or read about the story behind this clever product, please visit


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*(Disclaimer: I received a Cool Wazoo for review but the words written above are strictly my own opinion. I was not compensated for any part of this post)**


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  • Jess T.

    So cool! I wish they’d made these back when my kids were wee. Great patterns too!

  • Kaydee via Facebook

    Wish I had a little one that would use this adorable mat!

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